The  Compassionate Way Trauma Release


Self Care is Soul Care 


Healing the soul wound of 



“I’m Not Good Enough”

When this “lie” becomes deeply rooted in us –it can colour everything. 

Of shoots of this deeply root belief is

Impostor Syndrome


And even can lead to the hell of Suicidal Thinking



These are the imprints of Trauma and Loss.

They are not who you are though it can feel that way.

What is Your Passion?

Its time now to move into your own true vibration that is in perfect alignment to living Your Divine Purpose with Joy.



Time to silence the inner critic & stop listening to The Imposter Mind


Let’s begin this next exciting stage of your journey together.

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fMeet Mary

I am a trained and certified counsellor and hypnotherapist, and I have been studying and working in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development for over 25 years. The essence of my work and studies has evolved into the core belief that all healing, on all levels, is based on our ability and willingness to self-care.

But, you might have noticed, our culture doesn’t exactly make it easy to self-care. In fact, it almost rewards self-sacrifice, sometimes to the point of neglect, especially for us women.

My desire to do this work is inspired by my own very real experience of healing and my transformational journey.  I have felt the impact of Trauma & Loss in early stages of my own life.

I am so grateful for the healing and release I have experienced in my own journey of never feeling good enough. I have worked deeply on my own deep seated beliefs on many levels. Moving from the belief in the judgmental God of my childhood to now,  living from the belief a loving compassionate God who walks through it all with me. My God today has no judgement, does not dish out guilt or shame and wants me to have the best life possible. This created a whole new energy, a whole new world filled with possibilities I could never have even dreamt of. Magic happened – doors opened into a whole new experience of life and living and meaning. I moved from surviving to thriving and loving life.

What about you? I’d love to know what kind of God you believe or don’t believe in. I’m always curious about this as it reveals so much about us and the life we create. 

It is my joy to help you reconnect to this sacred core beliefthat yes you have a strong desire to  love the world – but first…you must pass through the new pathway of loving yourself first.

PS…if that makes you a little uncomfortable …then I’m so glad you’re here.



( a


he .


Your Healing Journey begins here!!

From the dis-empowerment of unworthiness and “I’m not good enough”


Freedom to reclaim your goodness and greatness.

We do this through activation of the greatest healing balm…

Unconditional Self Love & Compassion

Unlock Your Passion – Live Your Dream


My passion is to help sensitive souls like you, to tap into your dream by releasing all blocks, old beliefs & imagined limitations and to live more fully into your truest vibration of you.

Along side your deep inner calling and knowing, you are plagued with thoughts of

“who am I to do ……….” I’m not good enough….

You are aware of the need to heal and release old inherited beliefs and identities that are holding you back – keeping you small. You are tired of living at this lower vibration of you that you. Somewhere in you ,  you can feel it is out of alignment with you,  your purpose and those you are here to serve. 

I believe everyone has a purpose and everyone has a gift to bring to the world. You are the gift. The gift of who we are can get lost in the mire of negative thinking about ourselves. Negative self thoughts are NEVER true.  That’s why they feel uncomfortable and even painful. Painful enough to cause you to want to run away and hide . Or even worse the trying to live with this pain can lead to the belief that the world would be better off without us. These hiding places do hide….they hide your goodness, they hide away who you truly are.  But your not here to hide –

You are here to live, create and shine like the fully living spark of goodness that you are. 

What is your hiding strategy? 

What is your go to place to run away from the pain of not living up to your fuller potential? 

We have many hiding places – another word for them is addictions. Addiction isn’t always the more obvious addictions like drugs/alcohol/gambling. We can hide out in more respectable hiding places too, like all the overs….

Over working 

Over caring 

Over responsibility 

along with 

Over drinking 

Over eating 


We can even hide out in Over thinking – which will always bring us down the spiral of as all the Overs no matter how ‘respectable’ they appear, they all have at their base the imprints of Trauma ….they all stem from one root. They are rooted in lack.


Can you guess what that lack is. I know you can feel it. 

The lack of self trust – self value – self belief – self love.


This is what is creating your everyday experience of life.

This is where your power trapped.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.The good news is It is all changable.

Yes there’s work to do. But…..


It is good work – exciting work – you have nothing to lose – but you do have everything to gain from doing this inner work.

I am so glad you are here – it tells me you are searching…for a healthy way out of this pain. 

I’m so glad you’re here – because I know that by doing this work, you can unplug from that root of lack in all its forms and plug you into your core essence of self trust – self value – self love.

Today you can begin to turn your life around. 


It is my dream that you fall in love with life and you.

If this speak to you and you feel called to take a deeper look at how my dream connects with your dream for you….then contact me here or connect with me on my facebook page.












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