It’s All in the Vibe


You have a Dream….a Vision of how LIFE could be….

But you now have the frustration of how to make that happen!!

How do you Activate that Vision that up to NOW you believed cold only live in the land of dreams?


Here you will discover the secret …so that YOU BECOME

the VIBRATIONAL match to Your Dream…Your Vision 



Your dream life is here for you already – you just have to Believe it

to ALIGN with it …CHOOSE it…..BECOME it


YOUR DREAM CREATES YOU not the other way round

Ready to Raise Your Vibes

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Learn to harness your natural ability to create the life that you want to live!
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Meet Mary McCallion Dempsey

I am a trained and certified counsellor and hypnotherapist, and I have been studying and working in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development for over 25 years. The essence of my work and studies has evolved into the core belief that all healing, on all levels, is based on our ability and willingness to self-care.

But, our culture does not make it easy to self-care, and ultimately almost rewards self-sacrifice, sometimes to the point of neglect, especially for us women. And, I love that God wants for us to care and love ourselves too – though I believe most of the time we have got God all wrong.

My desire to do this work is inspired by my own very real experience of healing and my transformational journey. I am so grateful that I have come a full journey from the judgmental God of childhood to now happily walk with and embrace the God of compassionate understanding, of possibilities, the God of Joy.

It is my joy to help you reconnect to this sacred core beliefthat you are here to learn to love the world – but first…you must pass through the new pathway of loving yourself first.

PS…if that makes you a little uncomfortable …then know that you are in the right place. 

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