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A Woman with Purpose

I am excited for you.

You now give yourself full

 permission to GO for it .


No more holding back.

No more hiding your gift,

your dream.

Now is your time.  You already listened to your  Dream calling – now you are ready for the next magical step ….to create it and ground it into being.

I am excited for you and for the world, because our dreams are not just for ourselves. They may come through us but our dreams call us to not only make our life and world better, but through us, to make The World a better place.

Your Dream is so connected to who you are, and your purpose for being.  This is where its magic lies. It plays with you and calls you out of the doldrums of life and into the Dance.

Your Dream is your Soul’s calling card. It wants to be birthed into being. The exciting, though scary thing is… it has chosen YOU as its way of coming into the world.

That’s great news – but like I say,  it’s also scary. Why would it be scary? Well if it weren’t scary then the dream and landing that dream would be an instant thing. 

The thing is …there’s a journey to be made. 


Believe in You