“Mary has the uncanny ability of very easily getting to the root cause of what’s blocking you and causing you much unnecessary pain and helping you to release it ….”



My background is in Theology and Spirituality. I am certified counsellor and hypnotherapist, and I have been studying and working in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development for over 25yrs.  The essence of my work and studies has evolved into the core belief that all healing, on all levels, is based on our ability and willingness to self-care.

But, our culture does not make it easy to self-care, and ultimately almost rewards self-sacrifice, sometimes to the point of neglect, especially for us women. And, I love that God wants this for us too – though most of the time we have got God all wrong.

My desire to do this work is inspired by my own very real experience of healing and my transformational journey. I am so grateful that I have come a full journey from the judgmental God of childhood to now happily walk with and embrace the God of compassionate understanding, of possibilities, the God of Joy.

It is my joy to help you reconnect to your sacred core belief – that you are here to learn to love the world – but through loving yourself first.

There are sooo many layers to this beautiful learning and it has the power to shift your life out of any misery you have become accustomed to and transform it into its very opposite – Joy!!

I get so excited when I see the amazing changes in my own life and in those of my clients with even the tiniest steps in self care and self love.  So I am now totally dedicated to encouraging and teaching self-care as the Miracle Healing that it is and believe that is available to everyone in some shape or form.

I surprised myself and everyone else when I returned to education in 1995 and got my Bachelor’s degree in Theology & Psychology. This was the beginning of my deep transformational journey, with its many twists and turns.  It has opened so many doors that at one time I couldn’t ever have even imagined were possible for me

I work with individuals 1-1, and with groups, through workshops and retreats on Achill Island. You can join me here for a 3day Intensive– where we can really get some deep shifting work done together.

Or, as it is not always possible to get away to the Island  I am now also offering a full or half day option. This is be arranged at a venue that suits us both.

If distance is a problem or for a more immediate option we can create a virtual workshop or retreat via phone or Skype.

However you choose to join me, you are guaranteed a safe and magical experience that helps you easily move beyond unnecessary suffering and lifelong pain, to instead create improved health, relationship, career and finances.

I discovered the immense value of the therapeutic and healing journey, as I was searching for answers to my own painful life experiences of traumatic loss. I  have not only been able to heal from a life of pain and loss, but to move from mere existence to living with joy, prosperity, meaning and purpose, all of which I now hold for my clients while supporting them to find this themselves through specialized exercises, guidance, and personalized support.

Just to let you know the people I work with often come to me in the midst of incredible pain and life turmoil, and as result of our work together they move into a real renewed sense of life, purpose, and belief in their own Magnificent Self. It’s the difference between living  a hell on earth to now living Heaven on earth.

It is such an honor to do this work and to journey with people who can feel so unworthy, and blame themselves for so much, and then to see them move out of those old negative images of themselves and of life, and begin to see their spirit lift into their true beautiful self and, BELIEVE IT!

Mary’s Qualifications

  • Theology & Psychology BA ( Hons)
  • Counselling & Hypnotherapy (Dip)
  • Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) Dr Doreen Virtue
  • Suicide Prevention & Postvention (Dip)
  • Bio cognitive Theory ( Dip) Dr Mario Martinez
  • NLP Practitioner & Timeline Therapy

Maria (UK) wrote about her experience of her Retreat at Angelwhispers:

Well Mary all I can say is “THANK YOU” I have definitely had a major shift and it is working!!!! I benefited so much from my time with you. I’m feeling ultra-relaxed after my fantastic time with you. Since I have returned home I feel very peaceful and so many of my fears, which were my constant companions, have just evaporated as if they never existed!! Everything seems different, colours seem brighter, …I stood at the window this morning and marveled at how blue the sky was, it was if I hadn’t seen it before. I am beginning to think that you must have put a spell on me when I visited you :-). I cannot thank you enough, I have taken a giant leap in my spiritual development, I am much more open and receptive to everyone around me .

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