An Empowering  New Perspective on Addiction

End the struggle

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Reconnect with Your Inner Power & Strength 

You are about to discover a whole lot about you – a whole lot of good news about you!!! Some wise part of you has directed you here. It may feel like chance – but it isn’t. You have a very wise part of you that is unconsciously seeking the help that you need. Not only the help you need but the specific help that will finally give you back your life.  Our approach here is very different to the usual help that is offered. It is designed with you in mind. You are now presented with the opportunity to begin to live the lovely life that you crave.


Introducing Addiction Freedom Journey


The Addiction Freedom Journey uses Hypnotherapy and NLP along with new emerging insights from the neurosciences about how the brain works, to help free the person from the fear of relapse. It helps to stop the cravings and triggers, and finally  to help the person create the life that they want to live.

The Addiction Freedom Journey is a breakthrough in the way we look at and treat addiction. The experience is powerfully focused, and utilizes life changing methods of hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line techniques, making this programme unique and life changing. Anyone who is struggling with addiction can find hope when they experience this creative and focused method to overcome fears and instantly create strength and health. This work is entirely based on the relatively new scientific insights of Neuroplasticity, which now understands that the brain is capable of so much more than was previously thought. With this new knowledge we now know and understand that you can with the right help, end the addiction patterns,  triggers, beliefs and negative identity that was keeping you stuck in a destructive cycle. The  purpose of this work is to help bring an end to the pain and suffering caused by addiction & relapse to both the individual who is addicted and to their families. You deserve to life your life in freedom.


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Rewire Your Brain To Be Alcohol Free

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