Here is your gift – I hope you enjoy it and put it to good use for yourself.

Journalling is a magic exercise and a great habit to get into.
It is therapeutic and its fun.
Its a lovely gently way of getting to know yourself.

   Affirmations are like prayer thoughts. The more they are repeated the better. What you’re looking for with affirmations is to have them take root in you. To eventually allow them to become your new familiar. Your brain love what is familiar to it . It seeks the easiest root.

Worked with and worked into you, they will eventually open new inner pathways in your pysche and will replace the old default pathways that you developed as your survival ways when you were very young and overwhelmed by some situations and experiences. Then you automatically did what you needed to do – survival mode kicks in. Problems arise in later life as these automatic patterns became ‘normal’ to you and were set into your nervous system that then scanned your world for similar scary or overwheming experiences. But now as an adult those same automatic NS responses can become limiting beliefs based on fear, not reality.  These old beliefs based on past fearful experiences get projected into our current reality – until – we become aware of them. Then we can do something about them. Through awareness – which is the first step in any change or transformation – we can decide what we want to keep – what beliefs work for us and what we want to guide us in our responses to our present life experiences.


This  is where the magic happens !!!

 1st step – Awareness

As we grow and develop – as we awaken more to who we are and why we are here We are continually moving to new levels of awareness once we as we grow and develop more and more into who we are at soul level.

You now have the ability to decide what you are guided by. Words are incredibly powerful. They not only create our reality, they determine it. Be careful how you speak. Be careful even of your unspoken inner thoughts.

Its not a case of having to be vigilant about every thought and every word….its not about becoming obsessive. Its more about becoming AWARE. And with that awareness comes choice. You get to choose. Its like you get to choose what to eat and what to ware…well in a similar way …we get to choose what we think and believe on the inside. Instead of having to watch every thought we think …we start by deciding our intention. That becomes our container for our thoughts behaviours and actions.

To enjoy and get the most out of these soul deep affirmations…

Print out the journal

Have your pen

Create a little space that is yours …a chair…a blanket…a candle…a colour …a scent…music..

(Any of the above or all )


Follow the affirmation…read it…soak it in…write about it…let it reveal its hidden messages and gems….you will uncover so much about you that you weren’t aware of…

Close off …

Bring it all into your day…thought your Intention, Your Attitude, Your Actions.
Give life to those words.
Be you <3