June Magical Authentic Self Love Journey

Who else is joining us on this magical unicorn ride……


Infusing inner sparkling strength
Lifting you up out of the mundane
Raising our vibe
Let’s kick those heels in the air and color you beautiful…
Grounding you in the joy and sparkle of you
Daily Self Love prompts
Uncover you’re subtle saboteurs. .thoughts beliefs emotions
Reconnect your dreams
Learn to discern you’re souls guidance
Read you’re signs of alignment
You in ❤

Signs you need this....

Are you….
Eating crap for handiness sake
Drinking wine to relieve stress and anxiety
Going to bed late…burning the candle at both ends
Not exercising enough
Not drinking enough good clear water
All this eventually tells in your sense of self and well being.
You lose so much of your day fluffing about.
Overly sensitive
Overthinking things
All this robs your peace.
 It shatters your nervous system .
And today its time to …listen …listen to the body you push too hard…
Listen to the overworked mind.
What about you?
What’s happening in you …in you’re life?
What do you need to prioritise?
What do you need to listen to? To give you optimum health and well being?
Where is you’re energy scattered?
Where is life feeling too much?
All this is the signal…whispers from you’re soul that you’re not loving you enough…not caring for you enough.
For the month of June I’m inviting you to join me in journeying through all of the above…to create a self care support system that works for you.
❤That brings healing and lasting change into you’re life …at the level of a calmer Nervous System.
❤So you can enjoy being you.
Letting go of all that is not you
Being more present to yourself others and life’s gifts.
It will be a private group …where you can link and share deeply …receive guidance …and set results in motion …hence keeping you motivated on you’re self care …Authentic Self Love Journey.
❤daily interactions
❤weekly group online sessions
❤Time for you to create you’re Authentic Self Care Plan
You deserve this.
I’m making it a no Brainer to hop on this self care train with other like minded women.
June Self care Journey only €27
So you can shine you’re light !
May be an image of outdoors

A hint of what gets in the way of Self Care …Self Love 

  • The ingrained idea that Self love is selfish and narcissistic
  • You have never been taught to self love especially if your over a certain age – you were taught to take care or everyone else first
  • Or you may not have had good nurturing experiences or models
  • That first one installed beliefs in you that are a barrier to taking care of you in a genuine way.
  • Those beliefs fill you with guilt if you even think of yourself.
  • Your purpose in life and your dreams get pushed aside along with you

So why is Self Love important  …

Why do this ?


Eliminate stress

Empower yourself

Tap in to your worthiness  your enoughness just as you are


Improved heath

Improved relationships


Emotional and financial management

Direction Decisiveness  fulfillment & Purpose

Contribute in Love

Make Your World & The World a more loving place

Grounded & believer in your own inner Magic

So how can you not do this for you for those you love and for the world 🙂

Self Love is the foundation for everything good in your life



Get clear as you create  Your Authentic Self Love Plan specifically for you. 





You will learn to what true alignment is  

Grow in Self Mastery as you begin to 

master your emotions  & recognise what brings

your vibration up and what brings it down.

Get clear on what is and what isn’t allowed  

  • You will know your strengths and weaknesses                                    
  • Know what your dominant unconscious pattern is &
  • what you can now do to create a new default

What’s inside 


Daily Online Interaction


While this is a challenge here we can make it fun with our interaction with like minded people. Its space where we encourage each other – hold each other up and hold each other accountable to our hope dreams and self promises. This will be in a private Facebook Group. (Private email option may be available €127 or €197 includes emails +2 private calls)
Share your challenges and your learnings and insights. A place to celebrate and encourage each other.


Weekly Group Session

Cuppa tea get together and chat about what’s coming up for us. What you are noticing. Changes your making and how they are enhancing and bringing more love energy and peace into your life


Bonus Journal pdf

The whole purpose of our time together on this magical journey is to make the unconscious conscious. The ejournal will give you space to allow you to register and take note of the thoughts emotions and patterns that you are bumping into as you try to implement the new learnings and insights.

You will begin to see where your energy is sabotaged. 

You can make a plan to not fall into those unconscious default potholds again.

Like plugging the holes in your energy bucket. 

you will get to recognise what those energy holes are so you can  pull out of alignment


  Mary here….

 And like you I struggle with sustaining Self care and love.

Few of us were brought up to self care – quite the opposite. I had a deep Catholic upbringing and it was ingrained in me to take care of others first. Sounds nobel – but the real lesson is hidden in the popular biblical phrase “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

And at this later stage in life I have learned and am learning that Self care – Self Love is essential. It is essential for health.  And the more you nurture  self love the more your cup is full and spilling out to others. SO it is essential for healthy loving relationships. Anyone can have a toxic relationship – not everyone is able or ready for loving relationships in the fullest sense.

And the irony is – “love your neighbor as yourself” it is a law of nature – a love of God. We are designed this way. We can’t love another until we fill our own cup first.  Otherwise we are projecting our “not self”, our needy self …our wounded self onto others. We end us with contaminated love. People pleasing conditional love.

The whole lesson can be summed up with the safety advise on the plane, put on your own mask first.

So I hope you can and join us on our Magical June Journey to align with self care – to get to know what it is …and what it is not. To create your own self care plan to support you and those you love. You will begin to know when you are aligned with Authentic Self Care and when you are out of alignment. This is so empowering.

No longer be trapped by other peoples options of you 

Know your motivations and stand by them.

Create from a place of love in you. 

Know what you want to contribute to your life, you families life and the wider world.

Can’t wait to journey with you!!

Join Now

Lets make your healhy and happiness happen

I want to get clear on my Authentic Self Love Plan

Know my why?

What’s allowed and what’s not allowed?

What do I want at the end of this journey?

what is my dominant default pattern

What thoughts beliefs attitudes and behaviours hild this in place

How to shift out of this default pattern and into a newly consciously created pattern and belief system

Look at habits around

Food Drink Sleep Exercise

Thoughts beliefs and attitudes towards self

Renewed Permission to look at my needs for


Contribution Alignement


Self Talk

Inner Critic

Trauma effects