I just read this great article this morning and wanted to share it with you. I think you’ll agree with me that it very graphically gets the message across.

It is so true – we do get signals and what I call ‘whispers’ very early on, but we don’t tend to pay attention till the pain and the problem seems to grow and grow. Suddenly it can feel like we’ve been hit over the head. We tend to wait till we get a wake up ccall, like an illness or a row with a loved one or losing our job, before we take the action needed to heal ourselves and the situation.

The reason it has come into our life at all is not as may appear – to be a pain in the….But it’s there to teach us something we need to learn about ourself and others that will enhance your live.


I know this is true in my own life though it’s only recently that I’ve gotten this wisdom that most of the uncomfortable things in my life have been great teachers. But I sent most of my life ( and still some) fighting and setting up huge resistance till it begins to “Rain Pain” and only then when I’ve hit a total block or cul de sac, do I begin to so something to sort it and heal it. That’s its call in the first place. What is calling to you to learn or heal today? Be honest. You will avoid an awful lot of time money and pain if you can just be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to be present to it and begin the learning and the healing process. You’ll be surprised at the joy that will replace the pain problem:)

Dharma Doodle Friday: What’s in a drop of rain?

by ERIC on OCTOBER 12, 2012

Every flood begins with a drop of rain.
The big problem that’s consuming your time, attention, energy, and resources today – started small.
Before it became a serious issue, there were hints, signs, and suggestions – that something was out of balance. So, what?

It’s easy to overlook an issue when it’s “small.”
It’s easy to ignore the subtle twinge in your belly, the tiny flash of warning in your mind.
It’s especially easy if attending to that subtle sign will require you to
Especially if addressing it will require you to:
Step out of your comfort zone
Disappoint someone

“After all,” your mind may say, “there’s no point in blowing this out of proportion. It’s not earth shattering. Not disastrous.”

The easiest time to re-balance a situation is when it’s beginning to imbalance.
In other words – when it’s small.
Small is significant.
In meditation – as soon as the mind wanders (or as soon as you notice the wandering) bring it back to the object of meditation. You don’t need to wait until it wanders far, far away. At the first indicator . . .. gently, gently bring it back.

It’s the same principle in life.
When the imbalance starts – gently, gently rebalance.
It takes mindfulness to see the flood in the drop of rain.

Every flood begins with a drop of rain.
Every major issue that you’re dealing with today began with a subtle shift – away from your Wisdom Heart. That subtle shift was easy to let slide . . ..
But, it’s never too late to return to balance. The door of the Wisdom Heart is never closed. Now is the moment to return.

What is a “small” imbalance in your life – that you’re not addressing?
One that when you look deeply, you sense could grow – if unattended – into a serious issue?

Take a breath and another. Connect to the Wisdom Heart within.
Ask the Wisdom Heart: What’s a simple action you can take now – to start addressing it?

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