Break Free From The Hidden Forces that Derail Your Best Intentions

Finally be Free of The Pull of Addiction So You Can Confidently Be The Master of Your Own Destiny.


This 8 week program uses proven insights into how the brain works  and uses a mind/body /spirit approach to 

Retrain Your Brain for a Life Beyond Addiction & Relapse.



Reconnect with Your Inner Power & Strength giving you a brand new mojo for life.



Reconnect with Your Inner Power & Strength giving you a brand new mojo for life.



Reclaim your power – reclaim your freedom.

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Reconnect with those you love and value

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Set your internal NO and put relapse in the past.

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Improve and manage your finances

You are now receiving the invitation & the opportunity to Change Your Destiny

Be Brave ! Eat That Frog 🙂


Marrying the best of the new insights from Spirituality and Science we now have a radically different approach to the traditional AA model of addiction and recovery. This new wholistic understanding of how the mind body and spirit work, empowers the person to move beyond the identity of addiction. This is the KEY. This is a breakthrough program where we literally break through old patterns of behavior that have been keeping you stuck in a semi misery world, breathing through now to a new world of self mastery and fulfilment and even joy.

There has never been a better time for you to make to avail of this new paradigm, ready to lead a powerful life.

The experience is powerfully focused, and utilizes life changing methods of hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line techniques, making this programme unique and life changing.  We will be drawing specifically on  the new scientific insights of Neuroplasticity, which now understands that the brain is capable of so much more than was previously thought. With this new knowledge we now know and understand that you can with the right help, end the addiction patterns,  triggers, beliefs and negative identity that was keeping you stuck in a destructive cycle.

This is aimed at  helping you  to manage cravings and triggers, and finally to help you to easily create those responses you want to make that results in living the life that you want to live.


The Clean Slate Program for Full  Recovery  is a specific methodology that looks at addiction from a completely new perspective.

The human brain reacts to core beliefs, triggers, and emotional memories that are stored below the conscious awareness.

The work that is needed to end the addiction at a subconscious level is completely overlooked in most rehab systems, and as a result the failure rate is typically as high as 90%.

Addictive behavior and the addictive mind is hugely reactive to these belief, triggers and unconscious emotional stimuli. For this reason this training is designed to get underneath and behind to uncover the root cause of your cravings and behaviors.

In this way you learn so much about how your mind works and how to release the old beliefs habits and identities that are destructive.  This is the start of a whole new way of viewing yourself and viewing the world.

I can’t even begin to explain the miracles that happen when you do this inner work. And be reassured that you will be held and guided in safety as you begin your journey to this new amazing world.

Using these newly discovered and clinically accepted methodologies, the mind and behavior modification techniques will work to retrain and recondition the addicted person at the core unconscious levels.

And You Ask “What if I Fall?”

Oh But My Darling “What if You Fly”

You will Learn& Understand 


The 3 Levels of Mind & How They Interact With One Another ( Powerful Stuff)

The Essential Nature of Self Care & Your Nervous System

Why You Do Not Do Those Things You Promise You Will Do 


Understand & Value Your Emotions

 Clearing & Transforming Those Hot Emotions

The Hidden Causes of Addiction

Shame     Fear      Anxiety      Abandonment    Betrayal

Be The Person You Want to Be

Regain Your Playfulness & Creativity

Believe In You

Know That Life & All It HasTo Give Is For You 



Emotional Freedom Tecnique (EFT)

And it will help you to more easily manage your emotions with ease & grace.

And it will help you to more easily manage your emotions with ease & grace.


Again, another powerful tool to help manage our thoughts and emotions.

It will also serve as a good measure of your progress and successes. This invaluable feedback.


Probably the most powerful tool in accessing the unconscious mind for the purpose of easier internal shifts.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Why I do this work

I Love Love Love this work!!!

I am  trained and certified counsellor and hypnotherapist, and I have been studying and working in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development for over 25yrs. My desire to do this work is inspired by my experience of growing up in a family who suffered much do to traumatic losses and  alcoholism. This eventually lead me to a new path of deep study and new opportunities that I could not have imagined in my time of deep sorrow and loss.

I get so excited when I see the amazing changes in my own life and in those of my clients with even the tiniest steps in self care and self respect and value, that I am now totally  dedicated to encouraging and teaching self-care as the Miracle Healing that it is and believes that is available to everyone in some shape or form.

I surprised myself and everyone else when I returned to education in 1995 and got my Bachelor’s degree in Theology & Psychology. This was the beginning of my deep transformational journey, with its many twists and turns. ( removed but) It has opened so many doors that at one time I couldn’t ever have even imagined were possible for me.

I work with individuals 1-1, and with groups, through workshops and retreats on Achill Island and online programs or via phone or Skype.  However you choose to work with me, you are guaranteed a safe and magical setting that helps you easily move beyond unnecessary suffering and lifelong pain, to instead create improved health, relationship, career and finances.

I discovered the immense value of the therapeutic and healing journey, as I was searching for answers to my own painful life experiences of traumatic loss. I  have not only been able to heal from a life of pain and loss, but to move from mere existence to living with joy, prosperity, meaning and purpose, all of which I now hold for my clients while supporting them to find this themselves through specialized exercises, guidance, and personalized support. ( long)

Clients often come to me in the midst of incredible pain and life turmoil, and as result of our work together they move into a real renewed sense of life, purpose, and belief in their own Magnificent Self. It’s the difference between living  a hell on earth to now living Heaven on earth.

I love this work. It is such an honor  to do this work and to journey with people who can feel so unworthy, and blame themselves for so much, and then to see them move out of those old negative images of themselves and of life, and begin to see their spirit lift into their true beautiful self and, BELIEVE IT!

Qualifications & Testimonials

Mary’s Qualifications

Theology & Psychology BA ( Hons)

Counselling & Hypnotherapy (Dip)

Angel Therapy Practioner ( ATP) Dr Doreen Virtue

Suicide Prevention & Postvention (Dip)

Biocognitive Theory ( Dip) Dr Mario Martinez

NLP Practitioner & Timeline Therapy

Happy customers

“This program saved my life.

Before I did the program I was so totally lost and even scarred of going outside. I took part in The Clean Slate 8 Week Online Programe and by the second week I had forgotten about my addiction and began to look forward to the day ahead. Before I was in hiding.”


Your New Magical Life Beyond Addiction & Relapse  is Waiting!

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Who is this for?

It is for you if you have trying to get beyond a certain point in your life. If you been battling the pull of addiction and relapse and are worn down. This is the next step for you. You just need a little bit of hand holding and guidance. You know how things work out when you try to go it alone.


Is this course only for people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs? 

No. I work from the belief addiction is part of the human condition & that we are all struggling with the pull of addiction to a greater or lesser degree. This course is a personal mastery course and everyone who takes it can and will benefit from it. In it you will learn what a lot of people will never come to learn – you will learn how the mind works. Power-ful


If my addiction is to alcohol or drugs do I have to be free of them?

If you were totally free then you wouldn’t be looking at this page. This course is designed for the person who is in the struggle of giving up. You have the desire – you just don’t yet know how to manage to get yourself beyond that point.