Create Your Christmas

EliminateYour Christmas Stress

4 weeks leading up to Christmas we will deal with your stress & fears about Christmas

  • What do you dread most?
  • What is your pattern of previous Christmases
  • How do you want to be this year?

Starting November 21st
8.00pm (GMT)

Here is the Gold.

Describe how you want Christmas to be…& now….

Close your eyes a few moments & allow yourself to imagine it being just like you imagined. Really see and feel into this…see yourself comfortable and at peace with yourself in every situation…notice how you look…how you feel…. 

Well, NOW is Your Opportunity to Create it.

There is only 1 key thing required of you to start this journey.

The Desire to change things.

It is followed closely by 2 more:

The Committment to Yourself.

The Belief in Yourself

And this course is designed to support you in your Commitment and your Belief in Yourself once you have the Desire to Change things to improve and create a better life.

  • Manage your emotions
  • Manage your behaviour
  • Empower Yourself – the little choices that create the big difference
  • Stay Motivated

FB Christmas Event
  • Manage your stress
  • Catch your self-sabotaging patterns
  • Change your inner beliefs
  • How to deal with your craving

I am a certified counsellor and hypnotherapist. I have worked in the Addiction Services here in Ireland, and I have studied and worked in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development for over 25yrs. The essence of my work and studies has evolved into the core belief that all healing, on all levels, is based on our ability and willingness to self-care.

“I took part in Mary’s online program from my home, previous to that I had never spoken to a professional about my problems, I was so glad I did as Mary put me at ease right away. She helped me regain my power and showed me a whole new way of thinking which has already transformed my mood and built my self esteem. My life has changed as a result of new positive thought patterns. Before taking the course I couldn’t even imagine a future never imagined feeling so at peace with myself now. Thank you so much Mary”. Lisa ( UK)

It is hardly possible to describe your fantastic work in words. There are times in life when it is very important to get the right support to solve past issues so as to create new beginnings. You have been the absolute help that I was looking for. We worked a lot on my mindset. I especially loved the meditations, they were so helpful! I got to know what was driving my addiction. I feel so grateful and I am a lot happier now as I have the tools you taught me that continue to support me. Marianna ( Germany)
“Dearest Mary, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the transformation in my daughter thanks to your loving compassion and innate wisdom. The young woman in front of me today is worlds away from the person she was a few short months ago. You shone a light for her when she was at her lowest point! Her rock bottom! “

Begin Now For your convenience this is an online course

It will require your time and genuine effort. It will involve you making a commitment to giving to yourself and being actively involved in your own self care. This will result in you being more in charge of your emotions behaviours and actions. This will result in creating your own Magical Peaceful Christmas this year.
Christmas doesn’t have to be one big bundle of stress.
Over 4 weeks you will create your best Christmas.

Starting November 21st

8.00pm (GMT)


If you have questions or would like more information then call me

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