“Creative visualization is real. It’s a powerful force that works to shape future outcomes.”
– Harvard Medical School

Are You Harnessing The Energy of Manifestation?

There really is an energy of newness in the air at this new magical time. It’s time to do some clearing out – inner and outer. Setting some clear intentions, writing them down to ground them and definitely,  have fun creating your vision board. Keep pens and journals close by you – maybe beside the bed. Keep vision board where you can see it daily.

A vision board is a visual reminder of what you want to have and experience in your life. A visual of your vision and dreams. It is the first step in making your thoughts dreams and ideas a reality. Its like  if you wanted to build a house. You have an idea of what you want in your head. The architect takes your ideas and creates a blueprint of what that  house will look like. Your vision board is the blueprint. The magic of the blueprint is that it has now already begun…the next step is about to unfold. You now have a plan like contaniner that takes on a magic of its own and gives the energy a place to fill. IN creating your vision board, your blueprint, you are are sending clear direct messages to you unconsious mind – you are communitcating clear unambiguous messagea about what you want.

The subconsious mind works with these directions and without you even being aware ( unconsious) it sets about bringing them into your reality.  (It also works so well with images. Think of how you dream in images!! )There is a part of the brain called teh RAS. This is what uncosciously goes to work. If you put a  picture Blue BMW on your vision board – chances are you will see Blue BMWs more regularly than you thought was possible. That’s because up until now you hadn’t seen them. The mind selects what has meaning to us or what we BELIEVE is in our world.

Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them! – Jack Canfield

It’s good to have your vision board placed somewhere you will see it frequent. The main thing is make it fun. Create a vision board with any type of hardboard – cork board or magnetic board by collecting images that spark you from magazines and post them together on the board. Or now you can create  a digital vision board ( I include some links and resources).  You can use Pinterest (I love Pinterest)  or other online programmes to create your own digital vision board. Its easy and a bit of fun – the key is to be playful and feel the feelings and the excitment as if it has already happened. some ideas of what to include on your vision board as well.

  • Health goals (food, exercise, water, mindset Spirituality)
  • Financial goals (money in the bank, debts paid – include a certain date)
  • Key Relationships /friends who support me
  • Travels Places want to experiences
  • Styles of clothes, toys, or other fun things you want some day
  • Houses, cars, laptops..Pens Journals Books
  • Celebs you want to meet
  • Causes you want to help- see how you are  helping ( see, feel, smell the scene get into the picture in as much detail asyou can)
  • Career changes and directions to  enhance your personal development

Remember, it’s your unconscious mind that is creating all the time – and the power of your Intention, Dream and Vision Board is to speak to that part of you’re mind. So the more playful the better. The rational mind doesn’t really get this. So give the inner critic a rest while you go and enjoy playing…and don’t worry about getting it wrong…you won’t. Just follow the simplest rule….write positive words….bright pics…focus on what you want …what feelings you want to experince…and write in present tense….“I am…living the life of my dreams….I love my new job and it pays me soo well….I love that I am so healthy and slim….I create wealth easily…I love and nourish myself everyday….My family are healthy and thriving….”

Book Your own Personal  2018 Vision Board session here!

Recorded Skype  session plus 3 follow up revision emails €55

Groups of 3 friends or more €37 per person

You will come away pleasantly surpised with you’re new vision and insights and how easy it is to cast you’re new spell.

Future visioning resources for you to enjoy:

https://www.futureme.org – You can write a letter to your future self

http://www.dreamitalive.com/home.aspx  You can select Pics and ideas to create your vision board online

http://thesecret.tv/secret-to-you/ Watch a video and get some other resources if you find them helpful

Many examples and tips here in my favourite place …Pinterest

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