Happy 1st September.

I love September, maybe because it is my birthday month, it always feels like new beginnings. The only thing I don’t like about September is that it marks the end of the Summer freedom. But then when we have settled back to school, collage and new courses we begin to move into a time of growth. And growth is what we’re here for. We crave growth and expansion. When we are not growing and developing we stagnate and lose energy and momentum. When our energy goes low we can very quickly get dragged down into the current of low vibrations and heavy emotions. And I for one certainly know how that feels! And I’m sure you do too.

Maybe this is a good time to support yourself for the new growth development and inspiration that’s coming to you now. Begin with supporting your body by buying and eating good food Consciously. It takes a little bit more effort – but find a way to make it fun. This is the key really – otherwise you wont do it. We’re like that – the fact that something is good for us doesn’t always mean we will do it. Or ok, maybe I should speak for myself here! (But I can feel you’re with me!)

Think out what your body needs to maintain health and vitality. Maybe play with buying certain colour veg and fruit too get you started. Like go for all yellow today. Yellow is the 3rd chakra colour and helps sustain vitality and inner strength. It’s the colour of the Sun which is so vital for our existence. Your Spirit needs your body to express itself in the world. Make them a team, allow them to support each other and enjoy the results. Life will be easier and in flow.

You could have fun and help heal your Chakra System at the same time and pick a Chakra colour each week as your guide.

This short video by Doreen Virtue will help get you into the right frame of mind.
Much love

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