Emerging Goddess Retreat

You are a caring person  who sometimes forgets how to take care of yourself. You forget your own need until you find yourself falling into Overwhelm and close to Burnout? This is the pattern of the Wounded Healer. It is both your strength and your weakness. Its what makes you great at what you do. It’s the essence of your big heart and your depth of empathy. This is the reason you are called into the wonderful healing work that you love and that you do so well. But it is this wonderful work that is also healing you – teaching you that you matter, that you too have needs and desires and that they need and deserve your tender care too.

“Heal the Healer”

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Constantly doing what others want you to do, not what you really want to do?
  • Struggling to set boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues…and as a result feel taken advantage of and unappreciated?

  • Failing to make decisions that will benefit you just as much as benefiting others in your life – or flooding you with guilt.

  • Drudging through life feeling unfulfilled – like there’s something missing!

  • Generally feel afraid to speak up “not good enough” to stand out

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help!

You are in the right place.

These are the symptoms of your unseen and unheard Inner Goddess

We each have a unique purpose on this earth, and not living out our true purpose will leave us miserable and unfulfilled. But sometimes finding that purpose – in the chaos of everyday activities and busyness – can seem next to impossible. As a certified Life Spiritual Practitioner and as someone who has struggled with most of these issues myself, I can help you

  • Identify Your Key Resistor and Key Sabbator
  • De-code your life & life purpose
  • Identify your true voice and authentic message that makes you truly happy,
  • and then assist you in putting the steps in place to easily achieve your version of a blissful, fulfilled and purposeful life.

And the best part – all this guilt free!

You will stop sabbotage your joy and learn to stop the guilt of putting yourself first and teach you to slow down and really appreciate your life as you define it (not how others think it should be).

Spend just 1 day with me and together we will move you from overburdened to overjoyed about you and your life options.

Just imagine what your life would be like to be living free of the burdens that create overload and overwhelm!

Imagine yourself

  • Having the freedom to enjoy family, friends, and colleagues, leaving you feeling connected and appreciated.

  • The freedom to make decisions that will benefit you just as much as benefiting others in your life

  • Dropping the guilt
  • Living everyday with the energy of fulfillment and purpose.

  • Living in the energy of ‘Freedom to Be Me’. Leading you into knowing your leadership and personal authority

  • Being clear on your contribution to the world that is Your Soul Purpose for being and fills you heart and energies your being.

  • And the crucial part that without it nothing happens. Self Care Self Value and Self Leadership

To get clarity on your purpose and a happier more fulfilled you, call Mary at (00353) 0861733963 and request a complimentary evaluation session , during which we’ll meet for a 15-20 minute phone chat to discuss your goals, identify the challenges that are standing between you and your goals, and reveal solutions to help you reach your goals at lightning speed.

 You Are In This World Not To Hide But To SHINE !