Emerging Goddess Retreat  


The Retreat You Will Remember as The Turning Point ~ The Springboard for Your Life’s Work & Purpose.



It will give you the practical steps, tools and specific methods to help you access and trust your intuition and Higher Guidance. It will help you to step into your NATURAL DIVINE Power and activate it in a way that you dream about for the greatest good.

It is specifically designed to empower women who have a deep social calling but who struggle with their own inner self belief and worthiness that stalls them in grounding  their valuable mission message and purpose.

“Though her soul requires seeing, the culture around her requires sightlessness. Though her soul wishes to speak its truth, she is pressured to be silent.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Emerging Goddess Retreat Programme is for you if you…

Artist Rachel Awes

Have a strong desire to love care and nurture and to lead  in this new emerging leadership

Don’t value yourself as a Leader and feel unworthy of this dream work

Have a message that you want to get out to the world but struggle to speak up and out

Are frustrated and disappointed with your lack on impact despite working so hard doing

Go from highly motivated to exhausted, overwhelmed and drained.

Are almost on the verge of giving up

Over Spent your time money and resources

You are

  • Caring  with deep compassion and you easily empathise
  • A Healer, Light Worker/Artist/Writer Social Entrepreneur
  • Social Justice is a one of your key values
  • You give but find it really hard to receive
  • Have a deep desire to make a difference in the world and to break through your own weaknesses and timidity to do this
  • You crave freedom fromthe boundaries of cultural & religious restrictions and conditioning

You know your driven by your calling, your legacy – but feel your failing it and failing the people who you are here to serve and who are intertwined with your deep purpose and healing and joy.

You Will Discover

Why who you are, your history, and the reason you have this specific message is significant to your Divine Work

The blocks and the resistance that masquerade as  keeping you safe but in reality  keeps you irrelevant

Your Sabbatours and Inner Critic and how to negotiate with them and transform them into inner cheerleaders

How to Value Your Insights Time and Energy

How to Trust Your Own Intuition and Divine Guidance

Deep Inner Healing Returning You  to Your Original Birthright and Begin to Happily Express  This.

How to Open Up to Receive and Know that Being Spiritual and Being Wealthy are The Same Thing

How to Tap the Divine Economy – The Only Real Economy There is.

How to Manage Your Mindset so that you don’t give away Your Power to old ways of being

Manage Your States Manage Your Emotions

Transform Your Doubts into Believes

Finally Take a stand come out of hiding for Who You Are, Your Message and Your Dream Legacy

The Core Consistent Daily Practices to Manage Sustain Nourish  Your Energy to Support You in Your Divine Mission

You have read and studies many self-help books, programs, and seminars promising to teach how to listen to our intuition and higher guidance, but are still left feeling empty and  struggling.. We end up frustrated and conclude that this guidance is only attainable by those born with the “gift.”

Now is the time to own accept and activate your gifts, wisdom and knowledge – To lead the way for others who are waiting for you to step up and step out!Brene quote

The Emerging Goddess is the term that describes you now. regardless of where you are on your journey. You will be convinced that you can find and trust your higher guidance as you travel your path of self exploration and discovery.

Up until now you have felt like you are trying to fly with one wing. When you truly know yourself as an Emerging Goddess you will fly with both wings, in clear direction and to great heights  You will have moved from ‘who me’ to ‘why not me’. You will have harnessed the power of heaven where everything worthwhile is easy and nothing is impossible. Whether you’re shopping, washing dishes or launching your new book or feeding 10,000 people you will have a greater sense of presence of purpose and prayer, joy, wonder, and peace.

In a nutshell, you’ll have accessed your intuitive heart and eyes to live, see & feel the “Wow” factor in life

As an Emerging Goddess your life journey and essence is dedicated to create Heaven on Earth by helping others to  transcend suffering through transcending your own and living your joy.

The Emerging Goddess Retreat will  help you

  • Remove self-sabotage blocks
  • Transform Resistance
  • Discover your gifts of Spirit
  • Optimize your Dream
  • Download insights and guidance about your purpose
  • Unpack the Gems  and message encoded within your Story
  • Communicate with your Heavely Helpers
  • Activate and Accept Your worthiness
  • Step into your Co Creative Power
  • Lead with Love for Empowerment
  • Help Others to Believe in Themselves and Their Dreams

In short – you will grow your missing wing!


Your next step

Decide that this is for you.

Book a time that suits you

Or if you are unsure give me a call and we can easily see if this is for you? Hint if you’ve read this far it is a good indication that it is speaking to you – don’t agonise give me a call, I know what it’s like to not give yourself exactly what you know you need.

This is a Programme with Intent

Retreats are held on the Mystical and Magical Achill Island on a regular basis

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