I took a day off to myself and did something I was wanting to do for a long time. When eventually I give in to the fact that I need a break and feel stressed and overwhelm I now know that it usually means that I have put ‘myself’ aside and forgotten my own needs for fun and new experiences. One of the things that helps me de – stress is creating something, either get cooking or get knitting. It’s the feel and the colours that does it for me and the lovely bonus of playing with  bits and pieces – you end up with something new – your’re own little creation.  Anything that takes me into a new space inside me! Anything that will take me out of my head and into ‘all of me’!Goddess

I had been searching around and come upon Amanda Byrne’s lovely site, and  had it in my head to attend one of her workshops soon. They looked lovely. Ordinary people were making beautiful colourful hats one these workshops . I could’t  believe that they actually made them in one class , but that wasn’t what I was after anyway.  I just wanted the fun of making with ‘felt’ – its called wet felting. That would be enough for me.

The day was so much more than I ever expected – and at the end of a lovely easy creative day along with other women there and great chats – I came home with a magnificent hat.

I came home so excited and so pleased and I had a gorgeous present to give to my daughter for my days play!

It totally opened up my creative side again and I felt inspired with loads of ideas, Another little part of this story which really shows how channels are opened when we get in flow and move in the direction of self care is I took part in a another crafting event. This fun event was that in creating my fun piece I  unconsciously created  my Dream Workshop.

Before I knew it I had the outline of a whole new dreams workshop done. And done in such a way that it was so much better than if I had sat down to plan it.

I had such good fun with it and that energy is contained an capture into the plan too.

When I get stressed – I just seem to get snowed under with ideas but get overwhelmed because I have no way for those great ideas to get through my overwhelm. They stay stuck and pilled up.

So if you’re reading this you deep, down you probably need some time out for yourself too. We find it so difficult to give ourselves time out, just to be, just to play. But it is your spirit begging for some creative play time. This gets you unstuck and out of your head, into your body and opens up your heart center and gets all your juices going again.

So I you think you can’t give yourself permission to take off and give yourself time to play – You have permission now.

It is not selfish to take care of our own needs and our deepest need is to feel free and to create. To really create is playful. It so frees up all our energies. It colours our spirit again.

So what is it that calls you back to your center and into easy flow of life again.

You have a duty of care to do this for you. And when you do – you do it for others too.

Would love it hear what it is that frees you up and gets you back into flow.


And yes

Here’s My Hat !

I know I can’t believe that I created this either  – I’m so glad I have the picture to prove it to you. In just a few hours you will have created something special with Amanda that you can bring home with you. The other bonus is it will light your fire again too.

Amanda’s Facebook  page:


or If you could do with total rest and relaxation by the sea – that’s easy to provide for you here https://www.angelwhispers.ie/home/retreats-by-the-sea/

Be Good to YOU !

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