I couldn’t say it better myself! So here is an article that I enjoyed by someone who I consider to be an expert in the area of Manifesting. Some great lessons here on attuning to Universal Energy and Spirit.



Self Love

by Marilyn Jenett

Valentine’s Day 

I’m sure you have a best friend. I want you to imagine for a moment that your best friend has come to you and is very down. For the sake of convenience, let’s say it’s a she. Perhaps she is not living up to her financial expectations, maybe even lost a job or can’t seem to get her business going. Or has failed at relationships or has family problems. Or can’t lose weight. Or maybe she has hurt people unintentionally. This friend is really down on herself. I would like to ask you – what would you do?

If your best friend was down, you would console him or her and offer unconditional love and support, wouldn’t you?

Why would you not do the same for yourself? You are your own best friend, you know – for life.

Now I want you to give yourself a great big Valentine hug. Come on, do it.

We must learn to love ourselves unconditionally with all of our perceived flaws. Realize that you are perfect in Spirit and you have the right to love yourself just as you have the right to breathe the air and to breathe in the abundance that is circulating in the Universe.

There seem to be many paths, but the quickest, most complete, most permanent path to self-esteem and self-love is recognition of the Divinity within you. You are a spark of the Divine. Know it.

So…let’s discuss self-love and its effect on our lives. These are the thoughts that came to mind, my own philosophy of self-love.

When you love yourself…

1. You are saluting the Divinity in you – that part of you, your true Self that is whole, complete and perfect and awaits your recognition.

2. You are releasing powerful hormones that enhance your immune system to produce physical health and well-being and mental clarity and joy.

3. You are aligning yourself with the natural rhythm of life – nature always progresses onward and lifeward, ever seeking toward growth, healing, improvement and betterment.

4. You become a magnet to attract the loving gifts of the Universe in every form – loving relationships, money, success.

5. You become “filled” and “full” and thus are able to give of your fullness to others. You add to the energy of others and nurture them. You lift them up to a place of love. What greater gift can you give? Without self love you are depleted. What can you give?

6. You don’t “need” others to love you because “One with God is a majority”. You will naturally attract all of the love you could possibly want. Your cup will be full. You won’t need others to “complete” you.

7. You will be giving your children a wonderful legacy and starting them on the path to fulfilled lives.

8.Whether you have a dollar in your pocket or a million, life will be filled with promise and hope.

9. And finally, you can buy yourself a present on Valentine’s day 🙂 The greater the self love, the bigger the present.

Why even consider the alternative?

— Marilyn

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