Heal The Nervous System To Heal The Body

This is sooo true – especially the first line. I would add …when we heal the emotional… we release stuck energy from the cells and begin to heal our physical body. That’s why no matter whats going on in our lives and in our bodies we can do some inner work on ourselves to release stuck energy that leads to pain and dis-ease and help to heal our bodies – tools to help with this include) When we release old stuck emotions, we raise our vibrational energy. We become more in flow with our life force energy and we are no longer a vibrational match to our old ways and old hurts. It is our vibration that attracts. And its at this level that we look to create deep and lasting healing. We quite literally become a new version on ourselves.

And this is where our fears can come up and keep us stuck. Our ego kicks in to tell us that we can’t be that person. It does this out of fear. Ego is about our survival. It has not vision and only looks to the past for guidance. It drives you through life looking backways…looks always through the rear view mirror.


The Amazing Healing Power of Journaling 

Journaling – writing it out can help us get to know what’s hidden in our unconscious mind. It can help us get to know our fear patterns (ego) and discern if they are real or imagined. It can help us discern between the voice of the ego and our soul guidance. Soul guidance is always about expansion and creating and has the urge to create and make the world a better place, starting with your own and those around you. For those you love (which must also include you) your children and your grandchildren. The ego is the opposite – it fears expansion and fears losing its old identity. It was formed by the things that we have been socialized to accept and not complain about and so, instead, those hurts and emotional wounds that have then been internalized and now lodge in the cells of the bod



I have been a journaler since starting my Conscious Spiritual Journey. It has become like my best friend. Always wants the best for me. It has brought me to tears at times, the many times I have had aha moments…. the beautiful shedding feeling of release and then the joy of a flood of new energy from the very core of my being …my soul’s delight. It’s nothing short of magic…can, I believe even be miraculous.


And it’s not that we become someone we aren’t already…it’s that we are more and more released into our true essence…our truer self ….and own soul print vibration. It’s as unique as your fingerprint – they are the same.

It is like following the thread to discover your own uniqueness.

When we settle for the cookie cut version with its limits and lack of beliefs, its fears of stepping out and being different…that can result in a hidden deadness ….our locked away energy in the darkness …that seeks the light…and can result in sickness and ill health.

Sample Pages 

You can get the eBook version here. This is where you will print out all 65pages or you can print out pages as you need them. The good thing is you can print it out whenever you need them and as often as you like.

Click here  for the eBook version of My Dream Ticket Journal & Workbook and get the essential inner work done to unlock creating your Dream into reality.

Here’s a link to a Downloadable eBook journal workbook I created so you can get started now on your journaling practice and unleash the magic of journaling. Dream Journal eBook

 NOW is YOUR TIME – step out into Your Life …the Life You desire.


Meditation- to relax the nervous system and release fear and worry

The simplest meditation that your bodymindspirit will benefit from is GROUNDing…literally …like a tree…we need to feel the ground firmly underour feet and even feel like we are well rooted in good healthy soil and nourished by the earth…breathe..air…sunshine…good energy food and water.
We need to be reminded to ground ourselves – to literally bring our energy to our feet and out of our clogged up head where we are swirling around all our fear and worries. This helps empty the mind and clear the energy.


(Emotional Freedom Technique) 

*EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Physically tapping points on the head face and hands will untangle the energy blocks like a pipe that has been clogged and now begins to flow again.Release stuck fear energy from our nervous system ( our body is electric – atoms and molecules that need to move.

This Medical  Dr will guide you through.  I love when the medical and holistic sides come together, because it opens the door to great healing possibilities that up to now, only tradional medicine was acknowledged as the authority.



How to Use EFT Meridian Tapping to End Pain in 3 Minutes or Less – Dr. Kim D’Eramo

Get in Touch If you want to book a guidance session to help you to getting going with any of the above: Journaling, Meditation or EFT and feel the benefits in your life

The Benefits of Journalling

Help with Achieving Your Goals

Uncovers old hdden patterns, beliefs & idenities that you are unconsciously carrying within.

Understand where your stress if coming from.

Know how to manage your life and stress less.

Get to know youself better. ( this is so powerful yet most of us shy away from it)

Meditation Benefits

Helps ground and settle you

Calm your nervous sytem 

Strenghtens the mind/body connection

Clear your mind of worries & fears

Helps you see beyond your personal filters

EFT Benefits

Immediate energy shifter

Calms the nervous system

Helps relieve anxiety, even panic and pain.

Clears energy blocks that have become painful in the body.

Creates flow & abundance 


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