Well, I hope Christmas was all that you wanted it to be and that Santa was good to you.

I’m sorry I wasn’t in touch over Christmas – I’ve been doing a lot of moving to and frow between Achill and Dublin and sometimes I don’t have internet cover. I have also had my annual winter cold – this time it lasted quiet a while. I know it has plenty to tell me if I will just listen!! But that’s what we do…we just keep on going. But I do speak to body now and then and I try to listen to her messages and honor her wisdom.

Weather here in Achill has been much kinder to us – this day last year we had a really bad storm. This year it is magical. The colors are amazing, and the New Mon Jan 4th just gone was soo clear and high in the sky.

Next post will be about harnessing this new magical time.

Create the best year you can imagine!!!

Imagination is evidence of the Divine

Imagination is evidence of the Divine


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