eggTree2Well, I have to say,  I’m finding that it is definitely going, just like the other months this year, they just seem to peep in and then they’re gone. They’re not hanging around. But I suppose when you think of it that’s what we’re all doing. Nobody hangs around anymore. We’re all just peeping in to say hello and then we’re gone as quick. So I suppose the lovely little months of the year are just following and copying us just like little puppies do.

So how is April going for you. For most people it’s a roller coaster of a month. The unexpected is happening and energy is high flying all over the place. Have you felt this? I know I have. Tormoil hitting everywhere you least expect it. Particularly in personal and professional relationships that were always smooth and easy.

The reason for this is much bigger than us. The universe is going through a major energetic shift ( yes another one and yes you’re part of the universe 🙂

Much has been written about this by people who understand the environmental elements better than myself. I’ll post a link that explains it from the wider astrology aspect.

Though this energetic shift is difficult for us, it leaves us very empowered, more awake, and with a clearer sense of who we are and why we are here. In other words we are awakening to a new experience of ourselves along with a new understanding of our story and that of the world. I refer to this as Emergence. We are in a time not so much about choas as we may think, but of emergence. Emergence of the more of us that was hidden up until now. With emergence there is a timing. We can’t push it or force it otherwise this interference creates more chaos.

We are living in a time of transformation at a Energetic level the like as has never been expereinced before on the planet. We feel is very much as if time is speeding up and running away. We are experiencing it with the colapse of our financial structures and our religious structures as we begin to catch up with all the changes that were repressed and controlled for centuraries. Now is it’s time. It can’t be held back any longer. This can be a painful time for those who fear change ( and we all do at some level) but really difficult for those who don’t reach out for help to come to terms with the rapid waves of change that are hitting us like tidal waves.

We have to learn new ways of being in the world. New ways of understanding our world and ourselves or visa versa. Make no mistake these are exciting and empowering times, but only when we reach out and ask for help and support. The people who can help are people who have come through traumatic change themselves and somehow now have this ability embedded in the soul. They are like the GPS of the times of chaotic sea change.

I beleive that some of us were put through this crash course early on in life to be ready and able and willing to help people through these times of great energetic shifts. I include myself in there as my life now is unrecognisable to the life I had before catastrophe hit our family. My mother was killed accidently at the young age of 47. The impact of her loss is still reeling in our family as many of the children were very young at the time ( youngest of 11, was just 4yrs at the time)

Needless to say her sudden and untimely loss caused great pain and hardship that had a lasting effect. I beleive events like this imprint the soul and we can go either way. Later ( 8yrs) our young 20yrs brother died, he drowned while on holidays. And in 2003 another lovely brother Bernard died through suicide.

As I say, when your would is flung upside down like that you get engulfed in the pain and the grief, and can’t even image how life can go on. That’s what chronic grief does, it robs you of a future. You simply can’t imagine it. Just like the caterpillar, how could it ever imagine emerging into an even fuller experience of life?  If you’ve had any experience of loss you will know something of this yourself. Each person knows and responds to grief from his or her own perscpective and experience of life. Grief is a very individual experience.

The point I am making here is that I beleive that we are going through a similar intensity of change in our world today. The old world is no longer there to go back to though we may pine and long for it and the new world hasn’t yet been imagined. This is what this month of April has been all about. It’s the beginning of the new times really coming in and an invitation to move forward and to trust.

I know for me at that awful time and the years after, I had a sea change in my understanding of God. I moved from totally dreading and fearing God into having a very real, really real, relationship with God. This had a profound impact on how I understood myself and how I understood others. I got a real sense of the interconnectedness of us all – like one big earth family. Yep, I used to big families anyway – if you hit one you hit us all 🙂 Well that’s how it is our earth family too. What we do to one another – we do to ourselves. Funny thing, its the very reverse of the wisdom of the beautiful man Himself ” Love one another as a second self”.

Dare to liveSorry going off here again. What I mean is in these times we have to hold together and help each other out. We have to encourage each other through to the other side, becasue that old ship is sinking. These are times of invitation to move forward. As I mentioned earlier – it is a time of emergence of your true empowered self. A reconnection with the original you – the you that is the soul of you. It the time of the Soul – this is what is emerging – you- Your True Soul Essence. We are moving into a time of Joy.

Lovely that Easter was in April then. Because we truly have had the full Easter experience, entering into our own passion, loss and betrayal. Now moving back the stone of old beliefs and conditioning we are free, you are emerging into the Easter version of You.

Be good to you

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