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The idea that we create our own reality is something that we are hearing a lot about, especially  since the book The Secret came out a few years ago.

But it is not a new idea. It has always been this way. Nothing has changed in us that suddenly now causes us to be at the center of creating our own reality.

Wise people have known this through out the ages. The most famous person I would think was Christ. That famous book the Bible is really the first that detailed every aspect of the Secret and more. It is the book on How We Create Our Own Reality. Here you get step by step instructions and guidance on what is involved.


The first thing – you need to be attentive to is what is showing up in your lives. By doing this you get to see what it is you are creating. Your lives are a direct result of what is in your hearts and minds.

What You Manifest in Your Life is.... You!


Just a tender caution here, because we know now quickly you are to condemn and to pour guilt all over your beautiful selves. If things are not going too well for you just now this is not about a guilt trip. The total opposite. It is the possibilities that you have asked to learn. But it’s the follow through on that learning that often frightens you and you let it drop.


Sadly when this happens it can only recreate itself again and again until you have moved your heart and mind to the new level of consciousness where it simply drops away and cannot return. Now do you see why we want to help and guide you:) You drop the opportunity by acting in as through it has nothing to do with you. That it just happened. Or you put the ‘holy,’ so acceptable label of “cross to bear” on it.


If there is pain in your life just now or in the past IT IS NOT A PUNISHMENT. To believe that it is is to beleive in falses gods.


The real God loves you unconditionally. Infact God doesn’t just love you unconditionally – these are human terms to try to express the depth of love that God has for you. God loves you. God has never stopped loving you. God, to be God can never stop loving you.


This can be too much for you, with your human unstandind and terms of love. There is nothing on earth to even describe how nuch you are loved or to compare that love to. The closest that we suggest may be the love of a mother for her child or the love of the father. Many times these comparisons fall short because there are many times that parents have been so damaged that their children sadly experienced abuse as a substitute for love.


But the love that God has for you in indescribable and so uncomparible. So when conditions show up in your lives that you don’t want and can’t imagine that you would have deliberately created there is nothing to be gulity of. Because


1.They are not from God.


2. You did not deliberaltely create it.


Anything that is in your life that you don’t want in your life – is there because you created it UNCONSCIOUSLY. This is the villian if there is one.


Secondly, it was created out of the energy of FEAR. Fear focuses you on all that you don’t want. And focus and strong emotion are the keys to creation and manifestion.


Whereas LOVE focuses you on what you love and want so the fruits of love are very different to those that grow or are created out of fear. The fruits of fear are lack of health, lack of wealth, lack of love, lack of……


The fruits of love are…abundance of …enough of…Health, wealth, love,…. This is the key difference that we want you to understand, learn and then apply. Why do we say that this is the most important lesson to learn at this time?


Because beautiful people,you begin to create heaven on earth for yourself. And because it is the energy of heaven that you are harnessing and co creating with, you can’t but want to share it with everyone you meet. It is contagious.


This way you help us to create Heaven on Earth. Our job gets easier and easier with each person who raises their consciousness to this level of creation. You then become and enter the new consciousness and become our co creators of heaven on earth.


For this we thank you so much. Our hearts are filled with love and admiration for the endurances you go through in order to become masters of these teachings and co creators in the service of Divine Love.


You take up your Divine Purpose.


We speak to you in love and in joy always. We are here to give you a hand up just as you are about to fall or give up. So please, remember to call on us. We are a 24 x365 x – – years on call for you.


You are never alone

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