So much great valuable information here and done in such a fun way. But with deep teaching – fun is the way to teach anyway. We are wired to remember through fun. There are so many great manifesting lesson here – its the deeper knowledge that the popular ‘Secret’ touches on. We have to be willing to releae our potential by going deep inside. Our natural state is to thrive. Everything is energy exchange. Worthness has nothing to do with your thriving – its about your willingness to put yourself in that space of thriving. You are worhty. You just have to be willing to put yourself in Divine flow and grace and watch the miracles come to you.

There is a dynamic flow to the process of manifestation: The word – The vibration = Manifestation.

Words make up our stories – that create the vibration of our stories. What are you manifesting through the words, the vibrations that create your world? What do you want to create? Change your words….change your life.

I will be holding a workshop soon about this manifesting process get in touch if you would like to be informed about upcoming events


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