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There is something magical about a big full moon beaming down at us – like protecting us …holding us. Holding everything in place. It makes it so easy to pray ..to hope …to wish…to desire…to expect…to dream…to feel…someone is listening…someone cares. So tonight I had the peace and joy of praying with clarity, infused with the joy of expectation…like a child on Christmas eve….so much love pouring down on us though our beautiful faithful moon.

You can join me if you’d like – and we can call down heaven’s grace on ourselves our families and the world. Lets set our intention now for the pathway to appear – and so to clear away all that no longer serves us.

Praying out of love and not fear which is more usual when our thoughts get caught up in worry about everyone and everything.

Ready to know on Heaven’s Door ?

Praying tonight for all my  loved ones…for every member of my family.

Release and clear all that is no longer useful, old or not of service. Clearing and cutting energetic cords with all inherited patterns of thinking and behaving that were created in the past out of fear. Replace them now with optimism, strength, self belief to go forward in life to be all we are called to be. Forgive what needs to be forgiven.

Its time.

Let go.

Just breathe, just be.

Allow your true self that can often be snared by old family loyalties to shine through . Look at these old loyalties – see them for what they are. Smile, thank them…forgive them…forgive yourself for allowing them to bind you. Let them go.

Praying for Health wealth and abundance love peace joy freedom and security in self – for each family member ( by name)




I especially pray for all the little ones…………………………

That they’re hearts are happy and confident and secure in the knowledge they are loved and that they are significant to us and to the world. That they are safe and secure and wrapped in joy an love.

I pray for all the little ones of the world that they may have and know the security of a roof over their heads…food when they need or want it…the love of the parents and family..and peace, prosperity, education & flourishing  in their land as we have in ours.

Praying for children orphaned and finding the world a cold and lonely place – may they know they’re significance and find the love that is their divine right in the world.

For all people lost in their pain that they may know that this too shall pass and that all will be well. That they begin to know they are significant and loved.

Praying for all the peoples of the world …for Syria, Palestine, and all troubled spots that peace will reign and become the norm and that war will become a thing of the past. That we cut ties and energy cords with this old way of being – with all of the economics of war..the hiddeness of greed in the officialdom of governments and corporations.

For the lands and the creatures of the lands that they may be respected and blossom and flourish.in response to our respect and gratitude. For our animal friends who give us so much and depend and trust us so much.

For the seas, the  rivers and the oceans –  for all fishermen, for rescuers who risk their lives for the care and wellbeing of others…for the sadness and for the joys of water.

For all who care for our health and wellbeing – Nurses in particular whose work often goes unnoticed and under rewarded. For doctors for carers, for firemen, for all rescue workers and health professionals. For clergy, therapists, and people who hold out hope in love. For all workers who provide a service…in hospitality…in government services….in good policing for the community. For teachers, trainers and educationalists.

Open my heart – open our hearts – open the head unrts of all to create the world as it can be and is meant to be – let us allow it to be. Come into awareness of our own hidden pain and hurts and allow them to leave our energy system – our nervous system. To release our fears and insecurities that result in greed… holding on…not playing fair…our own hidden agendas that can disturb the peace for ourselves and others. Let us bring peace to our own inner conflicts and reduce the conflict in our world.

Let me have the courage to let go of whatever I know  is time to let go of. Let me forgive what needs to be forgiven. Let me decide what I want to bring forward with me for my own good and so, for the good of all.. Let me recommit my energy to the divine dream within me – to life itself, to give life to that peace of the world that I carry that no one else can carry or give birth to.

So grateful …for life…for each person in my family…in my wider circle….for everyone I meet on my path knowing that we meet for a purpose no matter how brief.

So grateful for the breathe of life- for God – the stars…the moon herself – the amazing sun…for water….for energy….for purpose…for possibility – for belief for hope…for love…for Joy.

So grateful

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,
but rarely admit the changes it has gone through
to achieve that beauty.
– Maya Angelou
You are a Miracle

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