“Dr. Leonard Coldwell states that all cancers can be cured within four months. Listen to his reasons behind that statement and how it may be done. Dr. Coldwell also says that you need salt, even if you have high blood pressure. Find out why that is and why sea salt is better for you.”

I just came accross this and just have to share it with you. It is so hopeful and inspiring and I really do believe that we will come to heal through natural methods in the future. Just now it can be really difficult to get accurate information needed to make informed decisions about our health and treatments when chronic illnesses strike.

I attended a workshop by Dr Patrick Holford where I first heard of the miraclous natural healing abilities of Vitamin C as Dr. Coldwell

Aware of the complexity of disease and triggering the healing process I offer this as information that will lead you to do your own research. But I do hope it inspires you to believe in the miracle you are and that healing is a possibility.

Healing is not just a body issue. Sickness shows up in the body – it it doesn’t always begin there. Illness and disease begins a long time before it starts to register in the body. That why you will hear “there is no such thing as a ‘sudden’ heart attack”.

Stress is often a trigger prior to disease manifesting in the body.

Start with monitoring your levels of stress as a preventative measure to maintain health and wellness. Take care of your Mind, Body & Spirit to take care of you.


Well ‘table’ salt out for me now and sea salt in.

Small steps can have big impact. So just begin by introducing one small step by bringing in one healthy option into your daily life.

Meditation – even 15-20 mins a day will help clear out negative energy out of your aura and energy body which is a great place to start to maintain health and wellness.

Walking and gentle exercise too is great easy way to energise and give the body a sense of energy and wellbeing.

Prayer, affirmations or mantras too feed the spirit and the sooth the soul. Pick one and repeat it when you think of it. This is great habit to develop.

A mantra can be a phrase or a word. It may be that you crave or need peace. That’s all you have to do – is run the word through your mind and it will find the peace in you that is connected to Divine Peace.

An affirmation could be something like ” I am so grateful that my body is so healthy and strong and full of vitality”.


“I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life”

A prayer could simply be ” How good God is”.

“I pray that I may see this person or this situation through God’s eyes.”

” I pray for wisdom to know what my next healthy step is”

There is a power in your words. Use them to bring peace happiness, health & wealth into life and into the world.

My Prayer today – ” How good God is”.

Much Love



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