Sorry I haven’t been in touch here on the blog for a while. If I take a break at all I find it harder to get back into writing. That inner critic then gets the upper hand again and I start to believe him ” don’t bother…no one wants to here you anyway “…..or …”don’t worry …you’re doing people a favour when you don’t write “…we all have one…I don’t need to spell it out – you probably recognize something of your own inner critic as you read this. So great – I’ve just exposed him and he doesn’t like that.

So you see if I want to write something to you here – I have to deal with him first – let him know I’m onto him and then give him something  to do to distract him from what I’m doing. Then I can get on with it and get into flow. So he’s gone off now to have his breakfast and Flow has showed up. You see Flow can’t show up when Critic is in charge. He makes sure shes well locked out. You see your inner critic thinks its keeping you safe – as in my case now – keeping me safe from ridicule – but you wouldn’t ridicule me anyway – would you? He doesn’t understand that – but Flow does. So while critic is distracted, flow comes in. Now, Flow is a totally different kettle of fish. She’s so helpful…she trusts me – she is so encouraging – she says things like ” Just write” …just trust and it will happen …just write…trust…..believe in yourself…you have something worth saying …everyone has…once they start to believe it.”

You see I allowed myself to write in this way to connect with you on the inside and to help you recognize what holds you back from doing things that you love to do too – but that for some reason you’re not doing it. It could be that you want to exercise and get back into shape – well that’s a great one to get you’re inner critic to come to the fore. You might hear ” haha – sure don’t bother – you’re too out of shape …no recovery for you” or …”just sit there and enjoy all that rubbish – it won’t make any difference what exercise or changes you try to make – you’ll still be fat – so save yourself the bother.”

Problems come when we believe the inner critic. Then they get to run the show. And we get to get frustrated and to stay the same. We feel powerless.

Another one in there that comes to the fore regularly is the ‘people pleaser” . Do you recognize this one – she really stops us in our tracks. This can be a really painful one for me too. I’ve come to call her “Polite Polly”.

Although its a bit of fun to give them names – it’s also extremely therapeutic. It helps to get to know them and their voice and the thoughts words and beliefs that are characteristics of each one. You will get to know where you are and which little criter is running the show now and who you would like to call in to help you – you can call in your ‘inner writer’ Goddess’ Hero’ or Coach. They are also in there – just not as loud. They ask to be invited into your life – unlike the inner critic – they don’t intrude.

So next time you want to make changes start to be aware of the thoughts that are running round in your head that are preventing you making progress or just keeping you stuck. Write out the thoughts till you see a pattern. You’ll feel like crying the first time you see what you are believing about yourself. But then you will eventually get to recognize these thoughts easily and give them a name – once you name them – you tame them.

Then listen for the whispers of encouragement and believe in you and give them a name too – this gives them recognition and so, empowers them to know that you want them in your life. They will come forward more. You can call on the teacher, the writer, the organiser, the creator, the artist, the….whatever you do …love them into being and you will easily awaken these dormant resources in you.

I would love to here about you’re inner characters and how you are managing them. Or if you would like help to tame your inner critics and to tap into your natural resourcefulness send me an email mary@angelwhispers, or call 00353861733963






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