Its the New Year 2017 and its filled with the energy of New Possibilities. And already its 5 days in. January is a funny kinda month…its filled with newness…yet as the month goes on this gorgeous energy of new possibilities  fades and wans a bit. The January weather often mirrors our inner weather…brightness for short time in the morning…but quickly fading into greyness…to darkness. But the darkness can make the stars and the moon shine brighter. Its the greyness that can lul us into the low energy vibration of apathy.

If you are depressed or have a tendency towards depression then this gloomy feeling can take you over. The problem  then is worsened as you won’t be able to access the opportunities that are there for you. You won’t even be able to believe that there are opportunities for you…you more likely will find yourself closer to the belief that they may be there for everyone else but they pass you by.

So I’m writing this post especially for you if you are struggling with January gloominess. I’m going to offer ways of understanding how you are feeling and show you how that is negatively effecting your life. But most of all I hope that after reading this that you will feel more empowered to make the changes that you want to make and that will create a positive effect on your life and give you back a spring in your step.

I am a great believer and advocate of the Law of Attraction. In fact I think it could be called the Law of Life. Basically, life is created by our feelings. We all want to be happy healthy  & prosperous. That is generally what everyone strives for. If we are not striving for this then something in our brain has gone astray and needs help. But most people are looking and reaching for happiness, peace, joy, health and prosperity.  Whatever you are feeling life gives you more of that.

So if life gives you more of what you are feeling – then it’s important to know what is it that you are feeling. Its doesen’t mean you have to analysis yourself to death to know what you’re feeling moment to moment. We can simplify this effective step by simply knowing what is your dominant feeling – what is the feeling that you mostly fall into. This a powerful step. Because we create from our thoughts and feelings but we lay the foundation with our dominant thoughts and feelings.

So the question you need to ask yourself is what is my dominant feeling. What is my foundation feeling.

Feelings lead to thoughts – lead to behaviours – leads to actions – leads to the results – leads to the life you experience.


Awareness of you Foundation Thought is your 1st and main step. Everything else is a branching out a growing out of that thought.

Its like the seed kernel. If you want an apple tree and you plant the seeds of a gooseberry bush …then no matter what else you do …no matter how much you work to make it a gooseberry bush….it will never be anything else but a gooseberry bush. It will never be an apple tree unless you plant the dominant apple tree seed.

So just for now. Follow this foundation step. What is the seed you are planting…you can then do the work…though reading…through talking to a friend, to help you move out of any negative seeds you planting. If you find you can’t so it alone then get the help you need. There is help available to you. If I can help get in touch.

Love Mary



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