Gathering Gems January-2013– What went well for you  in 2013?

We sometimes only pay attention to the pain in our lives. Just like we can find ourselves giving more attention to the demanding child than we do to the ones who are no bother.  When you make your achievements the focus of your attention you’ll multipy them too. So take time to reflect on what went well for you.

  • What did you achieve?

Doesn’ t have to be major achievements – but what was important to you. What do you want to continue and carry with you into 2014?

  • What learnings have you made?
  • What are you wiser about?

Gather your information onto a piece of paper


What do you need to take care of here?

What is calling your attention?

What have you been ignoring?

Again, gather these  important messages, insight and whispers onto paper.


Again what needs your attention here?

Who needs more of your attention and love?

Who do you want in your life?

What is now the morst imprtant thing you want from your relationships?

Dont forget the most important relationship = the relationship with yourself. How are you treating you?


What needs your attention

Where are the leak?

Where is your abundance?

What is showing up out of balance?

Remember – Finances are often a reflection or mirror of all the other aspects of our lives. It s like our emotional bank balance.


Is my career rewarding me?

Is it my joy?

Where – how can I improve this?

Am I fulfulled in my career choice

I suggest buying yourself a special notebook to transfer this vital information into.

Doing this will save you a lot of time energy and money as you prepare to create a great year ahead for youself, your famuly and move you closer to your dream.

Congratulations – you are setting yourself up for health wealth and abundance in every area of your life.

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