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Believe In You

Believe In You Day

Imagine –  A Day away from it all with total focus on You – Your Dream for you and those you love – A Day to reconnect with the energy and wisdom of you DIvine Guidance – Your Higer Self

Tailored to what you need now. This maybe moving through deep change like change in your identity brought about by change in a significant relationship. It can also be support as you transition from a corporate career to working and creating on your own business. Even though this is a time full of promise we can also find that it is most challenging.

But the good news is that underneath those challenges is your soul’s invitation to reveal even more or the magicnicant person that you are. Can you feel that. Yes – its the invitation that creates the challange. Its the invitation that is now appears as challenge.

And although we see  these challenges as on the outside they are really internal ‘self belief’ challenges as we approch new areas that we have never yet gone into.

All fear is fear of the unknown. We can’t see clearly yet to know how to navigate our way safely through each challenge. Fear masqarading as our friend fuels our imaginings. Our mind runs riot and all the “what ifs” begin to run the show…”what if I fail at this launch” …”what if I look stupid giving this talk”…”what if I’m not good enough ….” as you begin to navigate  new and unknown territory that you hadn’t even thought or imagined. Fear of the unknow is a survival instinct. Fear of the unkown is just that – once the terrritory is ‘known’ the fear subsides and we wonder what we were ever so scared of.

Just think back to a time when you were scared – even petrified of maybe going for that interview for that position that you really wanted and got – but you nearly didn’t go for it!

I remember myself, one big and very real experience  I had when called for interview. I remember well, my knees tremled as I went up those steps and right up to the entrance of this huge building. I turned away believing this was too big for me. I walked away, but luckily for me, I turned round and gave it another go. I broke through that fear belief and opened the door to a  great career in KMPG when I was still in my teens. But it nearly didn’t happen. And all because my limiting beliefs all meet me at the entrance, with thier messages and thoughts in my head ridiculing me for even thinking about it. You see, it was “unknown territory” up until then. Believe me – one month later I was so cocky you wouldn’t believe it was the same intimidated little person who had come for interview. My confidence went through the roof after that.

 We open doors, first in our heads first, then they open easily in reality.

So I am here to hold your hand as you breakthrough and breakfree of those old believes and to  help you find the invitation magically concealed in the challenges you are meeting.


Online Programme

I am aware that some people can’t see their way to having a full day away because of various committments and perhaps old believes about deserving a day away.

So I have designed a way to make this transformation available and bring it to where you are.

Here are some ways that we can do that and from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

We will set up a time that suits and we will speak on the phone. This will be followed with email support each month to help you with whatever pressing issue is presenting itself to you for the purpose of clearing.

Get in touch and we will set up a time and create an outline just for you to help tame those inner trembles and turn them into confident stepping stones so that you can easily nagigate your way through

  • 3 mths   Support  1 Call per month + email €195

  • 6 mths    Support 1 Call per month + email €295

  • 12 mths  Support + Bonus Transformation Workbooks €495.00

Remember – we can make life hard and continue to do it alone  or we can make it easy saving our valuable time and energy and reach out and ask for help. You Deserve it!

When you decide to make it easy for yourself – call me Mary 0861733963