Believe in You – Online Transformational Program

Imagine how your life will be when you Believe in You. When You stop seconding guessing you and believing the old stories about you that lurk in your unconscious mind. We can experience them as invisible blocks that can sometimes feel like invisible wall. This program is design you hold you and to guide you through to that next level of you that you can feel called to. I believe you are a sensitive soul hearing this call and are eagar to respond but you can only get so far on your own efforts.
This program is designed to take away the endless ‘effort’ and to help you fully respond effortlessly to that inner wise part of you to BE more, Receive more, and to GIVE more. You see it’s not meant to be difficult – that’s one of those hidden beliefs that most of us were brought up with.
Another subtle belief is the feeling that “I’m not worthy” – this is the belief that activates that feeling.When you see yourself as much more than those beliefs you easily begin to feel empowered and you begin to behave in a way that creates a deep respect and honor for yourself and others. We cannot feel or give to others what we are not giving to ourselves. This also creates the magical change in how others begin to treat you back. Because it really is true that We teach others how to treat us in how we value and respect ( or not) ourselves. This is powerful magical work.
How it works:
You will receive 1 (40 mins – or time can be taken in blocks – what ever suits your needs) call each week along with email support to help you to really begin to BELIEVE IN YOU and see your world change almost like magic.
This program is very effective because it gets to the cause of what is holding you back from being fully you and all you can be. We uncover old beliefs that are keeping you small and so keeping your world small. You will easily let go of these old patterns and replace them with new high vibrational beliefs about yourself and the world. We will find the hidden gems that are hiding behind many of the pressing issues that are now presenting themselves for the purpose of clearing.
We gently uncover your story for the hidden gems that it contains.
You will receive weekly:-
  • Guided meditations
  • Worksheets to uncover hidden blocks
  • Journalling Playfulness to uncover your dreams and desires and to activate and stir your creativity
  • Affirmations to soak into your unconscious mind.
Other modalities that will come up as useful to you may include EFT, Timeline Therapy, Angel Therapy, or Hypnotherapy. Whatever presents itself for healing will benefit from the exact combination of energy therapies that I am guided to use to move you forward. With 30 yrs of deep trainings and experience I am blessed to have much to draw on. And I am so happy to pass these on to you when I have the pleasure to work with you. That’s why I love this work.
You will :-
Release old thought patterns and old beliefs.
Release false self identities ( carer, joker, alcoholic, not good enough, stupid…)Plus you are much more than your job title.
Replace them with
  • The truth and beauty of you – begin to have a more peaceful relationship with yourself and so with the world.
  • Future vision of you – learn to tap into your magical creative self and create what you want
  • Discover that you are so much more than you think or believe that you are – engage in your inner self worth/
  • Go for your hearts desire – learn to trust your hearts desire and your dream for you. There is guidance here for you. Let go of all that self doubt that causes you to sabotage the good that is in your life.

Be bold, be courageous, be loving towards you and see it pour out into your world.

You will be well equipped with effective new skills and you will learn to navigate out of old ways of thinking about yourself and the world.
And the beauty of online work is that it makes support and help accessible to almost anyone who needs support.
  1. It is cost effective
  2. It is time efficient, you don’t have to leave to go anywhere
  3. It is instant, easy and effective support, in the safety and privacy of your own home

The power of this program is that it designs itself around you. And so the magic happens as you release all those old wounds and negative ways of viewing yourself. It will empower you and give you clarity for what is your next step. You will find your own inner compass.

When you start to Believe in You magic happens.

4 weeks Support 1 Call per week + email €195
12 weeks Support 1 Call per week + email €395 (Saving €195 = 4 weeks Free)
12 mths Support 1 Call per week €995.00 + Bonus Transformation Workbook * This is a commitment to deep transformation which also gives you a saving of up to 50%.
If you feel drawn to do this – listen to that prompt, its there for a reason and give me a call

For more information or to book your sessions

email me


Client Experience:-

Hi Mary, I’m feeling fantastic can’t thank you enough it’s all really sunk in today how much it all helped me clear out so much and make room for so much better feelings. Can officially say I’m happy on the inside and can see an extremely bright future for me and…. I hope you realise how gifted you are… continue to help people
Sending love !


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