We got it soo wrong. We were taught that God said – “go and survive throught the sweat of your brow…”  I used to beleive in this type of god. But thankfully I have learned and am still learning what the real God is saying to you and me. I am blessed to now know that the real God never used words like “Banish and sweat of your brow.”  I now know that God speaks to us in the most compassionate way and loves and cherishes us, even all the parts  that we would rather no not know or let anyone know.

So to help us banish the fearful god and to get into the feel of playfully creating, I created a little playful way to help you get in touch with the words that you are using and to help you become aware of them. We use words unconsciously and don’t really understand that the words that we are using are in fact the creators of our reality. Your word is your law.

The words we use flow from the thoughts and feeling that we have inside – these thoughts and feelings begin to form our world and the first step to them taking form is the words that we use to express what and who we are.

So Playfully – that means without judgement, allow yourself to be drawn into the energy and vibration that you would like to have in your world. Pick the word you want to give life to. Create your very own personal mantra or affirmations.

I am so grateful for the  people and the love in my life

I love and accept myself

I am free to be me

I am the loving creator of my reality

I am grateful for the opportunities in my life today

My joy is contagious

All that I need in this moment is already here – I just have to allow it.

I release my habit of being fearful

I easily create the life that I want for me and my family

I am wealth

I am health

I am in love with life

The more I play the more I  create


Go forth – Play and Create


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