This is a great article and I’m posting it here to share it with you and to save it as a reference for myself.

I find Hypnotherapy to be one of the most effective and pleasent healing modalities and so easy to use.

Just imagine …and that’s what Hyppnosis uses…the magical power of your imagination…just imagine having a tool, a remedy already within you to take care of you wnerever you need it. Because that is what is here for you. Learn the basics of hypnosis  and you will be able to self hypnotised when you need it. It is a powerful tool to have to help you change the state of your mind. Out minds gravitate to our habitual states…of worry…of fear….anxiousness….self doubt. But with hypnosis we can change that state ….disconnecting from it and reconnecting to the state of our choosing. Yes, you get to choose!!!

We get to choose all of the time – but because we do it in an unconsious manner as like when driving a long distance ( we go on automatic pilot and can’t even recall the usual signposts along the road)  this is the trance state we fall into – but we fall into our worry mnd or our negative mind. When we break that habit through making our choices in a conscious way – deliberatlley choosing…we change our reality. We change our experience of rour eality. We learn that we are the ones creating our experience of reality. Powerful! Power-full stuff.

The Bases of Hypnosis :

  1. Your Breath…breathing…in …out….in …out …consciously tuning into your beautiful breathe and rhythm of your own breathing….breathing in even deeper…..leading  your  body into deep relaxation….now…even deeper still….
  2. Your Senses…..
  3. Your Imagination….seeing in your mind’s eye….allowing yourself to be there…see the colours….smell….textures….sounds…hear the words……
  4. Power of Words – to rewire your brain to create the desired reality
  5. Open your eyes – Return to conscious wakling reality brining all the relaxation and insights with you…its part of you now.

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Breakthrough Stanford Study Reveals What Hypnotists Have Long Known – Hypnotic Trance Changes Brain Patterns & Activity

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