We know better.

We’re at this crossroads where we got to get our act together and heal this planet together. You have to get your act together. We can’t go on saying we are in a planet where we can heal and we can be healthy, but in fact we are making all the choices to go in the opposite direction. That’s got to stop, because we are really going under. And it's not a political choice either. We’re having bad politicians because we know better. We’re all in this together and this is our part.This exceprt is from my workshop “Spiritual Direction and the Art of Making Life Choices” recorded in London, February 2020. You can gain access to the rest of this on-demand workshop here: https://bit.ly/2MhOqyU

Posted by Caroline Myss on Sunday, May 31, 2020

This is so good. So posting here to share with you. And also for me to come back to. It is full of wisdom gems.

She is such a no nonsense teacher/healer She s so worth listening to.

Here she is grounding power. Sh3 l8nks it with choice. Power is the essence of creation and we are conduits in harnessing and activating this Creative Power.

She lands it as usually in the grounded reality of responsibility as to how we Choose to use this amazing gift.

Can you feel into the WOW of that. You me we are graced with the invitation to be a conduit for this  Power which is the essence of Creation.

Again she grounds in that it is not the populous way of oh I can have what I want…but that it has a grown up side to it as we take responsibility for how we use or abuse it. This doesnt take awsy from its magic…it adds to it.

It’s not about I have ..and I’ll have …it’s much more than even that. It’s true essence is outside of I…I…me…me. true creative power is beyond ego.

Which do you choose….a small ego power channel..with its focus on me and my….or the fullness and expansive visionary channel for humanity…the universe …which of course automatically includes and embraces you.

Would love to know your thoughts and insights.

Go Empower…Go Create xx

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