Here, Scientists oultline the benefits to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of time spent by the the sea. Nature’s remedy. The sea air was always know for its healing and restorative properties. Now we have the scientific facts about just how healing it is and the many benefits to be gained by spending time by the sea.

Give yourself some time out by the sea, surounded by mountains and take in the breath-taking views of Achill Island.

Allow you’re soul the time to unwind and to reflest on your life.

Find new direction. Don’t just drift from ne thing to another….consciously create and decide what it is you want from life.

Take time out to design and co create your life with Divine guidance.

Listen to you’re souls callings.

You deserve this ime, you deserve this guidance. In the end it will save you so much time and energy. Its like taking the more direct root to where you want to go and who and how you want to be. You are guided t all times….but listening is our part and often we have surrunded ourself with so much noise and busyness that we cannot hear that magical guidance. Time out by the sea creates the optomial environment for you to hear and to recieve all that life wants to offer you now.

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Visiting the Beach Affects the Brain Positively

Visiting the Beach Affects the Brain Positively…

Geplaatst door Heal Your Mind op zaterdag 6 mei 2017

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