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ReClaim Your Soul and Live A Purposeful Life You have a big mission that never goes away. It is constantly calling you and you continually spark with great ideas But you find it so hard to ground those powerful ideas. But its not because you lack the motivation. No. You are bombarded with new ideas so much so that you don’t know how to ground them and bring them into reality.

Its true that we live in this fantastic new era – where whatever we want to do or create – its all at our finger tips. But in there lies the other problem – things are moving and changing so fast – especially in the area of technology. This means that there is a continuous learning curve to master and just when we think we are about ready and have mastered one – it all changes again.


This leads to information overload and overwhelm and then follow the feeling of throw in the towel. You may have guessed, I’ve been there. Well give that I’m from the era that remembers our first television – then you can just imagine all of the learning curves I’ve navigated and here I am – still learning and writing to you here on my website. So Believe me – I have been there. But also I have been there and come through to the other side.


What holds me through? It is my believe in my capabilities and possiblities. There is nothing exceptional about me – except that there was a time I didn’t have that belief in myself and still it can flounder. But I know the power of self belief and I know that you are capable of anything that you need to do to give life to your purpose….to your dream.


Aw purpose woman
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