Relax Revive & Reconnect to

Your Sacred Passion & Purpose 

You Have Full Permission to be You 

If you breathed even a tiny sigh of relief  after reading those words then you know you are in the right place. Most of us were not taught this. We were in fact taught to be anything but ‘you’.

Most of us were taught to ‘fit in’ to Not stand out…we’re taught to not disturb. Well  Angelwhispers is about reversing and undoing that old program that keeps hiding and keeps you small. Its about learning to be you, to contribute to the world. By being the vibration of YOU you contribute best to the world and you leave the legacy you can to bring. This is fulfilment.

Imagine it. Dream it. Create It. Live it.

As I said you’re in the right place because this is what angelwhispers is about. Its about you. Its about undoing and uncovering everything that is NOT you and reawakening everything that is the TRUE you. This is the real meaning behind those famous words “The Truth will set YOU free.”

In fact you have just read THE Prescription that will not Only Save Your Body & Mind a lot of Unnecessary Wear and Tear, but will Begin to Unleash Your Magical Soulful Essence into Life. Because you are here to experience a full and fulfilled life.

The Pain You are Experiencing Now is Precisely Because Deep Down You Know You are Not Living from Your True self.

To survive you have learned to live from a false version of you!

In your heart you know this to be true but you don’t know how to bridge that gap. That’s why you are here.

You Are Here To Stand Out 

YOU need you to give yourself full permission to shine your light. The world needs you to shine your light!

Time now to Stop Critising and  Pushing Yourself so Hard

Did you know that you can retrain your nervous system to know what it feels like to relax into being the confident capable you and to begin instead to respond to life rather than feel like you just react to something that life throws at you?

What are The Benefits of Giving Yourself Permission to be Who You Truly Are?

  • Relationships not only improve but become all you want them to be.
  • You no longer tolerate unnecessary waste of your time or people who don’t respect you.
  • Your no longer respond to situations and events out of fear and anxiety or scarcity.
  • Your health  improves dramatically. Breathing, posture, ease of movement will be natural. Stress Levels will drop. One of the major measures of stress is blood pressure. To respond to life from the level of a relaxed response is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure.
  • Finances improve and Opportunities abound now as you value you more and grow in confidence you see opportunities that you would have dismissed in the past.

When You Fully Relax you are better able to tune into your true Essence.

  • You begin to discern  the voice of your inner critic and the intuitive guidance of your soul. Soul Guidance is like having your own internal Satnav for your Life’s Journey, but one that is accurate because it is in your own voice.
  • It is the voice of your Higher Divine Self reading the map of your soul.
  • Your Soul Signature is your DNA – encoded with the Divine Dream Purpose.

And all because you are allowing yourself to be YOU!

How it works!

Through the gentle yet powerful and skillful  use of  Hypnosis and NLP Meditation and Journaling,  you will release old patterns and behaviours that have been blocking the full expression of you. We will begin to activate and to tune into the guidance of Your Divine Higher Self – Your True Alive Abundant Self!

Your Divine Higher Self is calling.

 To get started I invite you to fill in the form on the right where you will receive your ebook and workbook to get you started straight away. This is like a mini workshop in itself. You can avail of private or group retreats in a magical place called Achill Island where I now live. Or you may find an online program more suitable – taken in the comfort of your home. In these Programs and retreats whether online or in person, we will work on clearing out tired old belief patterns and conditioning that has been creating the life that you don’t want and we will be updating them with the beliefs that will create the life that you do want to live.
Programs & Retreats can also be tailored and designed specifically to your needs and requirements.
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