Welcome to the New Era

Prepare yourself for this magical shift. Harness this wonderful miraculous energy.We are coming out of an era of old beliefs.Beliefs create the reality we experience.This shift is as big to us as the realization for out ancestors that the world isn’t’ flat – it’s round! Just image what it was like to live in that time of new discovery and its impact.Well, that is what is happening for us – but more at an unseen inner level.It’s a shift in how we understand ourselves. We are discovering that we are not 2 dimensional human beings. We are discovering that we and our world is multidimensional. We really are more than the body we see.We are learning that there are natural laws of the universe.There is the Law of Gratitude,the Law of Divine Compensation, the Law of Attraction. These laws effect every aspects of our lives. We are discovering the science behind how and why “thoughts become things”. That there is the law of cause and effect. We are learning that we are much more powerful than we up to now believed. These new insights are having a profound effect on how we live our lives. 

We now see these learning moving in our personal world and now into the world of economics and now we are beginning to understand money work and relationships health differently. Religious and financial institutions have been rocked to the core. what will last is the authentic and the genuine. This is the name of this new era. Authentic.


The journey can be difficult because we are transitioning from a way of life as we knew it – with its rules norms and ways of doing – into a world where we are invited to live our authentic self.



It means that we have to uncover everything for ourselves. We have to grow up a bit more. We will lose the habit of blame when things don’t go right. Blaming it on the past blaming it on circumstances blaming it on someone else. We are realizing that if there is anyone to blame it can only myself.


We are moving into a new level of responsibility.We are learning that we are empowered people. That to be human is to be creative. To be human is to be a dreamer. A manifest er.We have the free will to choose and we choose all the time – in every moment. We are learning to use this gift wisely now. Now we choose consciously rather than absentmindedly as we have done in the past.


Sacred Times


The old one is now over!

We are entering into a whole new way of being and living in the world.


Today is a magical day.Not only is it the Winter Solstice – it is the day that marks the end of the Mayan calender – the end of an old way of living.