Radical Transformation to ​Ignite Your Passion & Live with Purpose

Make that shift at last that your soul is longing for and see and experience the results that can only be described as miraculous. Our Retreats and Online Programmes give you the permission that your soul is seeking, and  finally allows you to move out of the old worn out you and begin the journey to create the future that you want.

You can Learn to create a future that looks promising and bright.

No Matter what your Past was like

The people who come to me and who have resolved their problems and got what they wanted had some or a mixture of some of the following issues going on in them. Do you have a tendency to make life hard on you? To Neglect your own needs in the service of helping other?
 Does this resonate with you? If so you will recognise some or all of the following:-
  • You don’t value the work or what you do
  • You have a tendency to neglect yourself in the care of others  and are out of touch your own needs
  • You  think that you should do things the hard way so you find it hard to ask for help or support
  • You are running the energy of “Im not go do enough”
  • You are highly critical of yourself and feel guilty for almost everything’
  • You have a strong drive to relieve the suffering of others
  • You never feel you know enough and always needing to do more research of more courses or training

A RETREAT is The Deep Tonic Your Soul is Craving 

Allow yourself  to be Released  Once and for All from the weightiness and Pain of not feeling valued and not believing in yourself. You Have Been Stuck for Too Long.

Regain Your Enthusasm for living

Find the New Person in You  Wanting to Get Back into Life

Begin to Live Life to The Full.

I am fully aware that life can really wollop us and how quickly our world can change beyond recognition living us lost with no ‘How to” book to show us how to get through.

You may be feeling the pain and strain of too many burdens just now for some of the following reasons;

Loss – of a significant relationship.

Major changes in career and and finances.

You may be at a time in your life when a lot of changes are happening and coming that little bit too close together. Job changes, children moving away, breakdown in communications, all leading a to a feeling or a sense of loss of yourself. “Who am I anymore” type of feeling.

Your health may begin to suffer as a result of trying to hold on, trying to keep it all together.

You are in the role of the carer and not sure how that happened – always expected to be the wise responsible one!

You are a healer or therapist helping others – who cares for you?

or you may be trying to cope with a recent diagnoses that has turned your world inside out.

You may be just tired and weary and have no idea why you are feeling this way. Grief sadness and regret may be clouding your hopes and your dreams.

If any of this is true for you – you need to begin to be good to you and….

GIVE YOURSELF THIS GIFT and stop stuffing your cravings with over eating, over drinking or overworking

Take time out to evaluate what is really happening and why – and what is in your power to do something about it.

What is good in your life now?

What do you want more of?

What do you need to let go of?

What dreams have you are calling you back now?

What is your heart telling you?

Where is your soul directing you?

Time to Breathe, Rest, Reflect, Pray, Revive, Enliven, to create the life you came here to live.

Give yourself this opportunity

Your best life is calling you – take time to listen.


This isn’t just any old retreat. This is a retreat by the wild Atlantic ocean. Just imagine allowing nature to take care of you. Nurturing you with the wonderful colours of greens, earth bogs, purple heathers and sea blues and greens, pink and turquoise.

Walks on the beach or by the mountain streams.

Breathe deeply of the pure scent of the ocean, turf and heathers.

Hear the sounds of the sea and birds

See the curraughs come and go on the horizon

Personal soul guidance.

Guided meditation.

Journalling… sitting by a warm turf fire.

Bright and comfortable accommodate and healthy meals.

I look forward to helping you unwind and guiding you back to your loving peaceful confident self with the pepe back in your step.

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