On my walk this morning in the clear mountainy air, I got some angelprompts that I want to share with you:-
How Powerful and how necessary Self love…Self compassion is..(.this is a constant angel message)
The spritual life is an inner journey that manifests outwardly.
There are 3 stages to the journey.




Stage 1

1. Birth & Childhood : This stage is governed mainly through Obedience and Permission and Rules.
Love & Fear mix.




Stage 2

 Ego stage – how I want to be seen. How others see me. This stage creates illusions and we opperate mainly from a false self. This aspect of us can go either way…can develop or it can stagnate and stay at this stage, which is the off shoot of the 1st stage.e can become aware, and face our illusions and see through the false false idenity and the false life that we are creating.


This stage is recognisable in: Pleasing others – or the reverse – being the rebel ( opposite sides of the same coin) and living out of our shadow self rather than our greatness our Divineness – our true self.
At this stage our emotions very much run the show.  We’re over thinking  – we get confused and our intuitive channel is clogged.
We live in fear & doubt.

Stage 3

 Stage 3 is really like a start stage…. again ( and again) – the of start of the journey to Authentic Self – authentic living and authentic Relatonships – within the circle – of Self God and Others – the World God & Self .The reason that self love, self care, self compassion is powerful is it leads is out of stage 1 and 2 and into

 stage 3 the begining of a new relationship with outselves, the world and God. It leads us to Inner Freedom. It does this by:-

(a) it is revealing of how we treat ourselves.  And  how we treat others and how we treat ourselves is how we allow others to treat us too. We get it all mirrored back to us.

(b) It is revealing of the God we believe in ( or don’t believe in) We project onto God ( Universe Scource …whatever you relate to ) So If we are judgemental of ourselves – we will relate or not to a god who is judgemental of us,  and the world.

When we learn self compassion (and for most of us it is a learning – a lifelong class ) we grow in compassion for others – and for the world. And guess what – when we change on the inside it all changes on the outside too. Because, we teach the world how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.

Journey Ongoing 

We revisit this stage over and over but each time with new awareness and depth. Like climbing a mountain….you see the top of the mountain …you climb….and ….you see …oh no…you are at the begining again – you are at the base of the next
mountain. You may be discouraged – as you  find it is the start of a whole new journey.  But its not the same mountain – and you’re not the same you. Because you bring with you the new you. The other stages of the journey are the making of you for this stage. You couldn’t possibly reach this new magnificant mountain with all its challanges and sights and insights unless you scalled the other mountains. You are here because you have mastered…your Ego. You now have a clear view of who you are. The you that is emerging, like the David in Michealango’s block of marble…everything that is not you is being chipped away. You dropped your old idenity baggage. You not longer live simple to please others and to fit in. You are being prepare to stand out. Gradually you drop your resistance, your fears of being seen. You have tamed that inner critic “Who do you think you are…to ….(fill in blanks) You are ready now to lead and help others – like a guide who knows the struggle to get started …to believe enough….to keep going …stepping out in faith into the uncertainy of each step …the fears…of failing…of feeling stupid for even trying..those pitfals and dangers that consume the mind.
But then there’s the exhileration…the sense of surpised achievement. Now you feel and know the reward of mastering you inner landscape & you continue master your mind and emotions. You have the motivation of the gods. Motivation and self believe takes flight eagar for the next level of the journey – fuelled with the motivation of the Angel!!!  You are Literally On Top Of Your World.



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