We all need help. We all need a shoulder to cry on from time to time. We all need to hold someone’s hand at times in our lives. We never know when we or someone close to us or a collegue would benefit from the simple little wisdom here in this little online booklet – its a great resource and can be printed out to.

So feel free to share it as I have done here or to print it.

Simple Self Care tips for when we need it most


It’s power is in its simplicity – often overlooked.

We can become so worn down that we don’t even notice we are falling into a rut that spirals downward. It can become ‘normal’ for us. Or, we can get so used to seeing another get caught up in this downward spiral and get so accustomed to seeing him/her in a low state that we stop noticing it. It becomes part of our idenity or the idenity of the other person.

I know that in times of grief I would have needed to be reminded to do some of these very basic things. Its like tiny steps back. When ouR world has changed and more so when it has changed suddently – we need help to move back out of the trauma that we are caught up in. Trauma is a world changer. Literally changes so much about our world, our idenity and our place in it.

When grief or truama goes unresolved it effects us at the very basic level of existence. Unresolved grief pain saddness and hurt  can hurt so much that we block out the world. Problems come when we stay in ‘Limbo.’ These steps are the way back from limbo. They are the tiny fine threads that reconnect and gently pull us back into the world.  Theses are times when we need help. We need help to recover the lost pieces of ourselves. We need help to recreate our world again. Because it’s changed…for many it has changed and is unrecognisable.

Too much pain detatches us from the body. Too much pain detaches us from Life and living. Too much pain requires gentle understanding, a reaching out, calling back. Love, compassionate understanding and simple steps supports are a life line here until the person regains and reclaims his/her place and value in and to the world.

A lot of people get lost at these times. Some come back – but different. Some come back and experience the world an even better place despite that pain. The transformation at a soul level is possible and is desired. It is the journey of the caterpillar who emerges as the butterfly. Who could  have believed it.


You are the Butterfly

You are the Butterfly

I hope you make it. Its in you to make it. You deserve to make it. You are the butterfly. Now you know the way and have the belief – you can hold out your hand to the next person who thinks he is going to be a caterpillar all his/her life.


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