Tips to harness and gather up this new energy

Get some time to be with you and reflect over the following:


What has been a reoccurring pattern or problem for you in your life up to now?


Write them out.


Can you see a theme – give the pain that you experience a name. IE ‘rejection’ ‘abandoned’ ‘shame’ ‘self neglect’

When I was doing this I called mime ‘muddy lane’. I had a habit of giving myself less than the best and taking the cheaper but more stressful option in the long run.( I’m happily unlearning this one!) so ‘muddy lane’ became my metaphor. Where are you doing this in your life and what name are you going to give it?


If you have a theme – it is easier to catch when you are running that old problem and so you can do something about it.


Now decide if you want to do something about it.

In other words do you want to keep it, or do you want to move it out of your life once and for all. I know you’re probably thinking ” is she mad , of course I want to get get rid of it!”. But we are complex beings and many times we want to get rid or give up something but at another level we don’t – we want to keep what is familiar even if it is unhealthy or destructive for us. This is part of the paradox of being human. We know what we need to do, and even want to do, and we even know what to do – but do we do it!!


So you can see how and why it is important to really get into ‘why’ you want to move this out of your life. So get to know your ‘why’. When you know your why you will be motivated to find your ‘how’.


So it is worth getting to know what it is you want to move out of your life. Give it a theme to make it easier to catch. Get to know your why you want to move it our.( what will moving this out of your life give you…more money …more time…more focus…more energy…more love…


You can bring it down to what emotion do I no longer want to continually experience and what emotion do I want to bring into my life that I DO want to consistently experience. This will up your vibration so that you don’t allow yourself to fall back down the vibrational energy ladder.


The empowering thing to realize is that these are your choices.


Now write our a new promise to yourself for this new era that you are entering.


Clearly state what you allow into your life ( the opposite to what you won’t allow – so there is no need to write this)


Now you have your new energy level that you have decided to step up into the new era.