Book Your VIP Day – Very Important Purpose Day

Your Very Important Purpose

This can be viewed as a luxury – but one that is essential to your next step and to  your  legacy – what you were born to bring to the world. You can feel the excitement!

Not giving yourself this time out is like having a great treasure and leaving it hidden beneath a load of outdated junk in the attic. You know it’s now its time. You can feel it.

If you are waiting for permission from someone else you will be left waiting. Its not going to come from someone else – You are the only one who can give you permission to live your life full out.

Today is Your Day!

You come to this day with a specific goal in mind. We will work in an easy and effective manner so that you will have your solution at the end of the day. We will excavate what is going on for you at a deeper level. Clear it and really get connected with what it is that you want in your life now.

You will learn techniques and tools that will empower you with the knowledge and understanding that you need to move you forward. We will create a personal guiding plan that you will take home and use as your to self care and with next steps plan of action.

We can meet at a venue of your choice or here in the magical environment of Angelwhispers overlooking the Wild Atlantic Ocean.

+ Bonus 1 month follow  up call


This is a full out day that will be well worth the investment in yourself.

You will be pleasantly surprised at where this will lead you.

Includes Teas/ Coffees and Lunch.