Vision Guide

Vision Guide – Your GPS for your Divine Mission & Dreams

1 full year mentoring and guidance to keep you in touch with the real you  so that you don’t get lost in what can feel like everyday mundaying stuff.

You are a visionary – a change maker – and evolutionary spirit who cares for those around her and for the world.

Creating and making the world a better more loving place is at the centre of all that you do.

This year long program is the support you’re needs and is craving to help it not lose sight of your vision and dreams – which in essence is the same as not losing sight of you. We are our vision and our dreams – they are a reflection of who we are and why we are here.

This program will result in you

Creating time and space for you”re deeper self – to be heard

Mapping out and managing the flood of ideas and creativity that is pouring into your consciousness

Chosing what to act on


You will create a map

The map not only shows us the road to where we want to arrive – but also it reveals the blocks along that road….the fears…the resistence..the old beliefs patterns. To be who we are in essence means we are willing to expose the hidden lies that are holding us back – these show up are beliefs that stop us moving forward.

With each fear gateway that you pass through you open new portals to world yet un imagined.

You begin the process of manifestation of your dream. Now invisible to you in the ether …but you can feel it and sense it….it connects with you and speaks to you though your intuition. You’re journey now is one of discernment – conciously choosing. As you are aware -we are choosing all the time – even when it feels like we not – or that ‘it just happened’. We choose and we create from this point of choice. God – the Universe guides us and wants the best life can offer for us. It is we who sometimes loose our way and our direction – which most times we interpret as punishment – but it is us who punish – it is us who judge ourselves so harshly.

This will allow you to be more fully present to you’re little ones who you value love and apprieciate so much.

You are never not loving them – time for yourself is time to heal – and so to be the best you can be in all areas of your life…especially relationships.

You will drink from you overflowing cup of gratefulness – even more.

Option 1
Personal Mentoring and Guidance  – Consciously Create 2018 – The Heroine’s Journey

Includes: 1 full year of contact with me – through a private messaging space.

This is a safe place for you when things come up as they will when you commit to manifesting your dreams and visions. We all hit scarry spaces in our inner journey  ( illusions once they come into the light of awareness) The journey is one of dancing in the light, meeting your shadow side – and calling it into the dance of your dream with you ( no longer dragging against you )

Its the Heroine’s Journey.

1hr x 2 private calls with me per month

Personal Access to Me through Private messaging ( as above) regularly with specific reply back to that question/issue


Option 2
Incude all of the above Plus:-

Private Retreat – Angelwhispers – Achill Island:

2 nights all inclusive – Double en-suite Room

4 hrs per day 1-1 time with me

Meals ( self catering)

All inclusice  €1595

Special Returning Client  €1395

Option 3
All of the above

12 mths 1-1 private mentoring & Guidance
1 Angelwhispers Personal Retreat by the Sea 2nights
Plus Angelwhispers Retreat by The Sea with Family Retreat by The Sea -1 Week
( sleeps 5 self catering – specific dates only)

Very Special Price €1595

(This option is where you basically get the Family Retreat By The Sea free)