Wednesday’s whisper is ” Choice”.


Life is made of Choices…the little and the big that we make each moment.
If you want to make changes in your life, then pay attention to the little choices that you make.
The little choices go unnoticed because we deem them to be insignificant. But they are the stepping stones to where you want to arrive or what you want to achieve.
It requires us to have patience & to allow the little choices to have our attention. But they are our guides to achieveing our desired goals.
Its like if we want to trim up and drop a few pounds, we often begin with something dramatic, cutting out all sugar…walking 10km a day… and we expect to see results immediately. But the results are seldom immediate – not as immediate as we’d like. (Patience has a bad press really – but Patience is a key player in winning the game. ) So that effects our staying power. Our motivation takes a big hit and often goes out the window. I’m obviously speaking from experience here.
But when we pay attention to the little choices that we make….these eventually build up.  We begin to feel and see improvements and benefits. As I mentioned, Key here is Patience. Patience even to begin to look at the little things we can choose to do. So instead getting all worked up to run what feels like a marathon to you and in the long run unsustainable, then instead you can choose in the moment to do 5mins exercise in the house or office….go for a 10-20 min walk …just from here to there. You will want to build on it …rather than the usual giving up something that is unsustainable in the long term.
You can choose not to have that biscuit or cake with your tea/coffee this time.
What this does is it creates a kind of inner magic as you begin to build up you achievement muscle. It gives your mind the message that you can do this. Its easy.
If like me you want to write – then looking at a blank page and wanting to write a book just isn’t going to happen. Instead, just ask yourself what can you do now in this moment. This is building momentum and this is a great motivator and frees up your thinking. Because as I said earlier you are putting down new pathways in your brain that shows you that it is easy. You can write a few words. You can add a few more.,and, before you know it you can have a page written. Magic.

What happens is:

you stay motivated to create more –

you start to believe you can do this –

you realise that you have choice in what and how you do things.

You can say no…to that extra cake …glass of wine…cigarette.

You can yes…when and if you want to

You have changed the belief that “ you have no choice”

One small choice at a time.

You have an end result.

Your vibe has changed with this new sense of achievement.

So today notice…become aware of your little choices – your minute tiny choices. They will make all the difference to your success. They are your success buddies.
So what are the little choices you have become aware of that you can easily do and that will build up to your desired outcome?

Tiny Choices
My Big Goal at this time is :
My Tiny Choices I want to have on my side
  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What are the signs I have achieved it ?
Thank you’re wonderful magical mind.
Our Tiny Choice helper below has a little surprise for you : I you would like this as a downloadable workbook then just click on our Little helpers image below & Create Magic !!

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