Your Drama is your story about you and your life. Its the story that is holding you stuck in life. We all have a one.  Problems come when we stay in the story and don’t see who we are apart from our story. Problems come when we believe the story and keep telling it and repeating it everywhere. We do this enough and then we fully identify with it and we even manage to convince others that this is who I am – I am this story.

I want to share some tips here to help you safely seperate from your drama story. In other words – tips to help you see your drama story with compassion and see it for what it is – just that a story . You can then reconnect with it again if that’s what you chose to do – or,  you could chose to tell a different story. The life that you’re living is directly connected to the story that you are telling about your life.

This will help open up the eliment of choice. It is this – the feeling of no choice but to be in this drama – this story that is the cause of the pain that you are experiencing .

Sometimes we have to allow the pain to get so great – to almost unbearable point before we let or give ourselves permission to leave the story – to seperate out from the story and start a new one. Leaving the story is not the same as leaving or losing the people in the let-go.jpgstory – it may be that – but not always. It is more about giving you the information to see what it is that you would like to change and how you can best do that in a way that is loving for you. This may feel or sound selfish – but how we love ourselves is how we love others.

You are much bigger than the story that you are telling yourself – and that’s what your pain is telling you.. And just like when you hurt yourself and you have physical pain – like if you broke your leg – that pain is telling you something – it’s giving you a message – something here needs attention – something here needs help to heal. Your awareness becomes totally focused on the pain ( even though you are more than a leg) – until you do something about it  You don’t keep breaking your leg, so you can keep telling the story of you’re pain in your leg.

But we do this with our mental and emotional pain – we unconscioously recreate the same old same old story and retell it and retell it – then we believe  it – we belive it right down  to allowing our story to define who we are. We allow our story to anounce to the world  who I am.  “I am the person who is always angry – I am the  person who is always oversentitive – I am the person who is always late.. always in crisis…” You get the idea here ….you can fill in your  own  limiting idenity here. “I  am the person who is always……

We allow it to  become  our idenity – “this is who I am”. We have limited our sense of who I am down to the story I’m telling and believing. How do I know who I am? –  here’s the  story.

So if you are ready to explore and play a little bit and begin this profoundly healing process – Here are 7 steps for you to gently enter into and seperate out of your drama story.

For this exercise pick a story, a scene,  that is not too fresh but that when you begin to think about it, you feel an negative energy charge or impact.

1. Disassociate from Your Story

Depersonalise your story for now. Stay outside of it,  and see yourself watching you telling the story to someone that you tell the story to. See you tell the story to the world – in all its various forms. What’s improtant here is to get the sense of seperation – being outside watching – like watching a film – watching various scenes. This is not about judgement – just simply observation.

2. Notice.

  • Notice what you see and here.
  • Notice – is there a common thread with each scene that is played out.
  • Notice – what is the role that you play in each scene.
  •  What do you feel – what do you want to say to the you in the story?
  • What do you want for the you in the story?
  • What advise do you want to give you? What does your heart feel for you?

This is just a gathering information stage. Gathering valuable information.

3. Take a few minites now to Write it Down.

How did you feel watching you?………………………………………

What did you observe………………………………………

What do you want to change ………………………………………..

What you want to give to you ……………………………………………………………

What else………………………….

What is the theme – what is the common thread……………………Name the pain…………………………..

My Muddy Lane Theme. 1 had a story that I hit on last year and the Theme became – My  Muddy LandMuddy Lane Story – it holds the story of how I deprivied or neglected myself and did without and now for no good reason –  now out of habit. So every now and then I see the Mucky Lane Story come up in my actions and behaviours. It comes up when I am about to give me less than I deserve. Like, always the bargain hunter, always buying in ‘sales’  Now, anywhere that I am about to put up with a lesser quality of life,  I  can now take a short cut and no longer need to relive the whole story . Because I got familiar with that story of me  and gave it a Theme Name –  The energy of the story is about ” not giving to me”  and so, giving the world permission to treat me less than I deserved – ie never first class or never the easy  way  –  is contained in that theme. I am now able to smile and then take one little step out of my habitual way of treating myself and do something different to what I would normally do –  Like pay that bit extra for qulaity, even though it would put me outside of my comfort zone. But this is where the healing begins – just one step outside of your comfort zone.  Just outside your commonly held beliefs about you and the world.  Whats the theme of your recurring story that keeps you stuck?

In doing this we are helping to heal ourselves. We have taken responsiblity for the story I tell and how I ask the world to treat me. We are truly the creators of our own world. You have the power to change your story. Create a new story – create a new world experience.

4. Do That – Create a new story.

Write out the story now as you want it to be. Write it now from the insights and wisdom that you gathered from your observations. In other words, wirite the story as you would like it to be. Write it in the present tense,  as If it has already happened and you are telling someone about it.

5. Future You

Now close your eyes and see your self in the new scenes that you want to create. Fully associate with each scene how do you feel.

  • How are you looking ?
  • What is the energy in this film..
  • See yourself being the person that you want to be – doing the things you’d like to do – saying what you would like to say.
  • Give yourself permission to be that person.

6. Thank You.

This step may take a bit of time to fully enter into – be patient with yourself here and do this step as you feel ready and willing.

Thank the story and everyone in it for the lessons that you have learned. Most of all thank yourself for the courage and wisdom. Send love and healing to your old story and let it go. It was there for good reason. But now you have a wider experience and you have learned the lessons. With your knew knowledge and awareness – Your old drama can’t serve you now.

7. Fully Accept and Step into the New Story of You.

Be Good to You. Drop any shame or judgement. These are the old energies that fuelled your old drama stories.

You are brilliant  – you deserve the best. Just that this is a new learning for you – you are good enough just as you are.

BE GOOD TO YOU!!  This is the key that will release you out of your drama story. BE GOOD TO YOU!!! Golden Key

If this has been helpful to you please leave your comment below. Thanks

Remember to be patient with you as you beign this new journey and do this process a few times. As you do you will notice some obvious and some suttle changes. You will feel a cahnge in your energy, your love for yourself and for others, and you will see a change in your motivation for living and creating a better life. But be Patient! Your story has been a long time in the making – so be gentle with yourslef.

f you have something that feels really difficult and too heavy to shifft on your own get professionional help. Help is all around you. Even helplines can be a good starting point.

I am here too If you would like further help with this powerful work of finally moving out of your old drama story and  creating the world of you that you want.  Give me a call and we can take it a few steps further.

I can work with you through Skype.

I can even arrange a 1 Day Personal Retreat just for you. Or longer if you want.

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