“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with


God, and the word was God.” ( Jn: 1)

This is the power of words. They create as we speak. Every word you use has an energy and a vibration. Journaling is simply writing into a journal. It is writing with the intent of becoming more aware of what words and thoughts we are using to create our reality. As we come to understand the power of words we will come to value the words we use and begin to see the value in taking time to be selective about which words we allow into our lives.


“Word do not only describe our reality – they determine it.”


We literally create with our words.


“Man’s word is his wand filled with magic and power!”


The above quote is from an old book “Your Word is Your Wand” and contains great practical wisdom and insights into this truth. If you would like free copy send an email to mary@angelwhispers.ie with the line ” Book request please.”


Journalling can be simply a daily journal entry that you would write in once a day or throughout the day as thoughts occur to you. Journalling can help you sort out what you are thinking and what you want to do in your life. They are invaluable once you begin to work with them. Especially if you are like me and have fettish for pens and paper and writing. I love pens and notebooks and collect them anytime I see a bargain and there are plenty around.


You can have a journal for specific purposes.




Gratitude Journal



Ideas Journal

Dream Journal

Intention Journal

My Goals Journal

My Year Journal

My Family Journal

Affirmations Journal

Favourite Quotes Journal

My Prayer Journal

My Soul Journal

My Creativity Journal

My Angel Healing Journal

My God Conversations  Journal

Pick one theme. Go out and buy yourself a nice little journal – doesn’t have to be fancy or you can make it as fancy as you like.Buy some nice pens or at least 1 pen that you really like. Keep your pen and journal close to you.


Give yourself the gift of some quiet time in your day to tune into yourself, your thoughts and your intuition. Write whatever comes to mind and trust it’s guidance – no judgement. You will be surprised how and where it will lead you. You will get great insights doing this, and the more you trust and get your critical mind out of the way, the more insights and surprises you will get.

Just Write Now!


If you would like some help with using Journaling as a Therapeutic tool – that is to uncover your unconscious block and resistance – bring them into awareness ( consciousness) let them go and replace them with new empowering beliefs. Call me and we can book an appointment.I would love to know how you get on with this beautiful spiritual practice mary@angelwhispers.ie

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