Dream Believers


You Know You Have a Calling to Help Launch this New Era into Being – but you keep getting in your own way

Dare to Dream it – Live to do it !

      It is Your Soul Calling You to the Fullest Expression of Who You Are. Now is Your Time No Matter What Your Age To Release Your Divine Magnificent Essence

   Transform and Heal Your Inner Pain, Grief and Turmoil


Stop Believing In Your Past  and Start Believing In Your Dream

So why isnt it happening. What gets in the way. The past version of you is what is blocking you from moving forward  to create Your Dream – Life on Purpose.

The past is the default template that we automatically believe we are.

This is where all the blocks to our growth come from.

How do You Know You have a Sacred Dream

    • You think and dream about it all the time
    • It feels too big for you ( Now)
    • You dont get the understanding or support that you crave
    • You don’t feel good enough
    • You are procastinating like never before
    • You’re going round and round in circles
    • You don’t feel you deserve to be so happy
    • Feels like an invisible force is holding you back.
    • It may even be effecting your health and your finances and even your relationships
    • You constantly feel like giving up only to be reinspired all over again.
    • Can feel like one foot on the excelerator and one foot on the brake.

Great that you are here. Now is your opportunity to clear out all that is holding you back. Come and join us here,  bring your dream to  Angelwhispers Sacred Dream Pod where you will find inspiration & support to nourish your dream to full term and into life.

Stage 1  –  Precisely What is Your Dream’s Purpose

Why specifically its Your Dream Work

Its purpose for being is your purpose for being

Stage 2  Clearing the Way

Pull out the virus that is sabotaging your dream

  • Unworthiness
  • Not good enough
  • Never did this before
  • I’m not…..clever enough….
  • Finding and releasing the root cause – finding what is the most  reluctant and most difficult step for you.

But, when you know the reason why then this step becomes The Gateway to your gift.  Y

ou will learn to step through to finally Manifest and Ground Your Dream for the World.

Stage 3 Lets Do It

Get the Lets Do it Mindset &

Birth Your Sacred Dream Purpose into Life

Create Your Personal Step by Step Plan to Action it into Reality.


Living Your Dream Purpose will 

  • Transform Stress, Fear and Worry into your Joy for Living
  • Heal your Inner Critic Stories 
  • Understand Your Emotional Triggers ( everyone has them)
  • Become skilled at managing your Emotions & Mindset
  • Develop a Better Attitude to Yourself
  • Learn that you are in charge of your future ( not your past experiences)
  • Know that your are loved and supported by Life itself
  • Unleash Your Creative Genius – Clarity and Passionate Focus

Now is the time to step up and out into the You Your Dream Work is Calling You To Be


There are 3 options


1. Online:  You can begin with the online Sacred Dream Pod. You can begin the programme from  the comfort of your own home.


2. In Person: You can come here to Angelwhispers where you will be fully immersed in an environment whose purpose is to unless your Dream.  There is a magic here. It is tthe perfect nurturing environment, surrounded with  purple mountains, and the soul soothing sounds of the ebb and flow of the ocean.  Achill Island is natures healing sanctuary where you breathe in-spirit -ion. While you rest  and water your weary spirit, well be explore and  work with the inner and outer environment to create the next step maps to move your dream work forward.


3. You can do both. You can begin with the online Sacred Dream Pod and later pick your date to come and Join us here at Angelwhispers for the deeper emersion and expression of Your Dream Purpose.


Now is YOUR TIME. You already have permission to Live Your Dream Life Purpose

Lets do it!

   Mary 0861733963